He's Walking! Victorious Man of God will be one-year-old in February, and he is walking more and more every day. Granted, he could have walked over a month ago, but hey, when a fella has so many "servants" around to pick him up and cart him around, why would he bother walking? Anyway, so called "servants" aka brothers and sisters figured out what was going on and started picking up less and encouraging him to join them using his own efforts more. Result? littlest bro. started walking a smidge. Same bros. and sis. started really making a ta do when Victorious Man of God took a few steps and Whoa! that guy took off like a comet, a not quite 11-month-old comet. We now know that VMOG is really into verbal affirmation.

Climbing has shown up on the Abundance House scene too. Yep, we are in another "life will never be the same" scenario, one of many to come I am sure. All of a sudden, my quiet guy has come to life climbing, walking, opening every cupboard and drawer he can reach, and all other manner of living life as fully as a little man in the making can. I am learning from my youngest son. I am also remembering back to when I was a younger mom, much younger, and know what? I was a LOT more fun when I was 22 than I am at 42. Doing something about that everytime I think about it. One of the things I am doing to work on being more fun is that I am being purposefully intentional about loosening up and changing the way I look at and see various situations. Altering my perspective.

Speaking of various situations, one has come up. A certain 5yo Mighty Man of God needs a mama's tender loving attention. Must be time for a snack. On second thought, make that a nap. Yes, it's time for a certain someone to take a nap, Mighty Man of God would benefit from one too:)

Talk to you later this week!
Abundantly Blessed@ Abundance House

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