Good Morning! What a wonderful wonderful morning! This is the day that the Lord has made. I am going to rejoice and be glad in it. How about you? Will you join me in rejoicing and being glad in this day? Why am I rejoicing? Because this is the day that the Lord has made. Yep, that's the reason. God made this day. Isn't that reason enough to rejoice? It doesn't matter what this day looks, sounds, or feels like. God made it.

On a silly note, have you ever had or known a cat to constantly scratch on the door wanting someone to come out and give them attention? One of our cats uses his little paws to scratch constantly until someone notices. He has been known to do this nonstop for over an hour at a time. No, I did NOT sit and watch him to find this out. He doesn't have his claws out so isn't technically scratching, but I don't know what else to call it when he moves both paws in a scratching type motion.

Anyway...just threw that out there as a freebie for the day.

So, I've been noticing not much nice in the news of the world lately. Anyone else notice the same thing? I have also been noticing that quite a number of men and women of God are reminding us to operate and see by faith and not fear. We must not fear. God tells us this too, in His Word the Bible. "No Fear Here" is an expression my almost 16-year-old daughter often spoke when she was a small girl of 3 or 4. I think it is time to teach this truth to my three youngest children. God frequently tells his people not to fear. These verses would be a perfect addition to my "What Does God Say..." journal. Don't you think?

However, not only do I want my children to not fear, I also want them to walk in faith. As of Wednesday, I have been a mother for 23 years. In those 23 years I have come to the conclusion that teaching my children what to do is more effective and beneficial than teaching them what not to do. This is something I learned when studying and observing how God parents me. I noticed that God usually tells what to do rather than what not to. Of course there are times He says "Thou shalt not..." but more often He says "Love your neighbor as yourself." "Fear not." "Trust in Me." "In honor, prefer one another." "Above all, love." See? And these are just a few of the examples I have found. That is why I want my children to learn living by faith and not fearing. Can't do one without the other.

Years ago I heard a teacher say that fear is faith in the enemy's ability to cause harm. He revealed that fear is the same force as faith. Fear just goes in the opposite direction. Instead of trusting God and moving towards Him, fear looks at the evil powers of the enemy and trusts more in those than it does in God's goodness and saving, healing power. Let me tell you, when I learned that, I went on an all out campaign to eliminate fear from my life. I want to trust God, not satan.

Focusing on God's goodness and believing that God is truly all present, all powerful, and all knowing turns the clamor of the world into tiny little whispers, when I choose to see Him. Sickness? Oh, that. Have you heard that God heals? Sadness? Depression? Did you know that Jesus carried our griefs and bore our sorrows? Lack? Debt? Were you aware that when Jesus told us He gives us His peace that the word peace used literally means nothing missing, nothing broken? On and on we could go. No matter how many problems we find God is the answer. He has provided the solution. Nothing is so big or bad that God can't handle it.

ALL powerful. ALL knowing. ALL present. Think about this. Just this much truth possesses the potential to alter our viewpoint and change our lives forever. 

ALL powerful. Nothing, noone is more powerful. Nothing, noone is even as powerful.

ALL knowing. Nothing, noone knows more. Nothing, noone knows as much. 

ALL present. Nothing, noone is all present everywhere, only God is everywhere always. Only God. 

God is ALL powerful, ALL knowing, and ALL present. He has said DO NOT FEAR. Why would I fear? Voices of terror? What voices? God who is ALL says He has everything under control. He says He holds me in the palm of His hand. He says nothing can snatch me out of His hand. What was that you were saying world? Be afraid? I don't think so. God who is ALL is on my side. Why should I fear? 

Yes, everywhere there seems to be violence and strife, but it's okay. Truly, it is. God is ALL, and He is. in. control. In Him, there is NO FEAR HERE. We're rejoicing in this day that our God, who is ALL, has made. We are being glad in it!!! Not only this, but we are grabbing hold of every snippet of good in the middle of the world's yuck and being thankful, thankful, thankful for every treasure of good God reveals.

Being thankfully glad,
Abundantly Blessed@ Abundance House

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