Time of Singing

It's Time. Time has come. This is what we have been waiting for, longing for, earnestly expecting. This. Now. It's Time.

Some call it the end, but it's not. It's not the end. It's the fulfillment of that which the prophets have foretold. Can you feel it inside? Can you hear the thrum, the hum, the excited expectation of what is to come? Do you sense the yearning, the groaning, the moaning of creation waiting for the sons of God to be revealed? Is there something inside of you throbbing with anticipation? Are you ready to be revealed? Do you sense that God is about to reveal Himself, His greatness, His mighty power publicly for the whole world to see, hear, and know?

What's coming is far beyond blood moon tetrads, lunar eclipses, solar eclipses, and environmental drama. It isn't a what that is coming but a Who. Who? God. God in all of His glory is about to burst upon the physical scene in unprecedented ways. Those stories of old time religion and miraculous revivals? As marvelous and wonderful as they are, they are only a foreshadowing, a preparation, a taste, if you will, of what is now beginning to take place around the world. I love to remember the miracles of old, but what about the miracles now? Am I ready for the miraculous of now? Have I prepared myself to actively participate in God's now plan for today or am I dreamily sitting with a smile on my face happy to merely recall yesteryear's miraculous? Do I truly believe God has planned to do great works through me as He has said or do I just assume that verse of scripture is for other, more spiritual super Christians?

And wouldn't me walking in my house with joy in my heart and a smile on my face no matter what it looks and/or sounds like be a true miracle? Wouldn't me, the mama, not getting all riled up about organic matter type mud tracked through the house be amazing? What kind of joyous wonder would fill the hearts of my family should this mama smile when she usually scowls and laugh when she would normally scold loud? Yes, I believe it is a time of signs and wonders, of miracles. I also believe that some of the most wondrous, miraculous doings will be experienced in the ordinary of my day to day. There will be signs in the skies, in the heavens. There will be wonders on the earth for all to see. But that's not all that's coming. That isn't all there will be. God. God. Who else astounds the entire universe while transforming the lives of individual mamas going about their days.

Here He comes! He is coming! The winter has passed! The Time of the Singing of Birds has come! He is bursting forth in radiant splendor for all to see, hear, and know. There is a new song rising up. A new sound is reaching the ears. The sons of God are going to be revealed. He will move and none will doubt it is He. All will be made plain. Am I ready? Am I listening? Am I ready for the great I Am?

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