More Remembering Recipes

It is high time this mama got herself down to business, the business of
home. A nasty cold sort of thing has been attempting to take up residence
in my three youngest children. As a result there is a whole lot of coughing
going on around here. Mama decided this afternoon was the perfect afternoon
for an inside fort. If the kids can't go outside, then outside-like fun
will come in to them.

There have been a few venturings forth from underneath the blanket tent
walls to forage for paper and pencil. Not certain exactly what Giggles and
Mighty Man of God have got going on in there, but whatever it is, they are
having fun. *That* I know.

While they are sequestered in their fort/tent, I am tidying up the
homeschool website and straightening up a few things in my email. After I
finished some of my tasks I realized there was time for a visit here with
you. Yippee! My tea cup is empty, but that's okay. We can visit more this

We're going to continue hashing over "old times" by remembering another
former *Living Large on Less* recipe post. I hope you enjoy these remember
when visits as much as I do. Looking back over some of the great recipes
we've shared through the years is almost as good as sitting together
thumbing through picture albums, almost.

Here is the link for today's remember when:



They there are! If they aren't in a click-able form, just highlight, right
click, and search from there. If that doesn't work, highlight, copy, and
paste into your browser. You will get right through that way for sure. See
you for some more reminescing!

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