Second Chances

Hi! Come on in! Please try and ignore the balloons scattered around. It was Mighty Man of God and Giggle's birthdays last week and well, balloons are the only surviving reminders.

Mighty Man of God is six years old and ready to learn to read this year. Can you believe he is that old yet? AND after last year's attempt at kindergarten he is finally ready to learn to read? God does work miracles for us mamas. He truly, truly does.

One of the greatest miracles God performs for us mamas is the gift of second chances. Let me tell you, this mama is grateful to God for those second chances, so very very grateful to Him. During a few "discussions" with older children the past week or so I have been made aware of some things, things that need changing in this house, things in them and me. Here's where second chances come into play.

One of the most startling revelations to me, as a mother, is that my children don't know my heart unless I show/tell it to them. They can't see the grief that surges through like a flood every time I snap when I ought to have caressed. The disappointment I feel when I mess up and treat their dreams carelessly? That too is invisible, unless I show it to them. My children only know as much of me as I reveal. If I don't tell and/or show them how much I love them, they won't know. If I treasure the joys they bring me deep inside where precious gifts are treasured without telling them how precious those daily gifts of them are to me, they won't have any idea whatsoever anything at all about them is considered precious and dear to me.

The only thing my children know about my feelings and thoughts towards them is what I tell/show them. If the only thing they ever hear come out of my mouth is correction, they will automatically assume I am never pleased with or blessed by them. Just because I know how near and dear they are doesn't mean they know. Somehow, I have to communicate this to them. They need to know. If they don't know, they will make assumptions and develop opinions by default. These assumptions and opinions will most likely not be entirely accurate; they could even be destructive.

In light of this, I need to get up off of our bench and go make sure everything is ready for supper. There is a family that needs to be told their mama loves them. Having supper ready is one way I can tell/show them. Making sure that there is a little something special tucked into our evening is another. Uhmmm, thanks for the hug! Have a great evening with Jesus! Hang in there mama and/or papa! Children and parents are all grateful for second chances!

Learning how to love more and real through Jesus!
Abundantly Blessed

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