Words. What Will They Be?

A whole lot of wind and a house full of children. That's what today looks like here at Abundance House. Not sure if it is the howling wind or what exactly, but the children are full of energy and creative ideas. Creative being the kindest description I can come up with for what also contains the potential to produce disastrous results. Um hum, those words upstairs now being hurled out of angry tears testify to the creativity I'm meaning.

Words. So many words. Only the rarest treasures of them good. Those rare treasures often are the ones that also are true. Absolutely true and good words are not only rare but beautiful. They alight on the senses like a healing balm of delightfulness. Muscles relax, organs settle down into a healthier rhythm while hormones and chemicals of healing begin to flow throughout the body. It's proven. It's true. Even if it weren't proven, it would still be true. God said it. It's true. He says in His Word, the Bible that pleasant words are like health. Words. Back to that question from another visit: What will my words be? What will I speak?

Cutting down on the words,
Abundantly Blessed

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