I would love to ask a question today. I would love, love, love to fly into a dramatic mother scene and with intense wonder inquire as to why oh why children have to ask why. However, there is more than enough drama flying around at Abundance House today so I will maintain and calmly move on with the day. I already know the answer anyway. Children ask why for the same reason their parents ask those in authority over them why. They are looking for a way out of something they don't want to do, and if they get an answer to their question of why, they think they can find a loophole in the answer that will prove exactly why they should not do whatever it is they don't want to. It's true. I wish it weren't, but indeed it is.

So, instead of having a dramatic mother fit, I'm going to bow my heart before God and apologize for ever asking Him why about anything. If I would trust God in the same way I wish my children would trust me and my love for them, I wouldn't need to ask Him why. It wouldn't matter because I would be trusting Him and His goodness. Ouch. Raising children reveals a lot about myself to me. Thank You, Lord for children. They point the way straight to You.

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