What Are You Reading?

I am a reader. Reading is one of my favorite things to do. In times past, I would only read one book at a time. Now it is quite common for me to have six books going on, sometimes even more. Last year, or was it the year before, I started to join in with another blog on a “Booking It” list every month. Obviously that fell by the way side.
Pile of BooksKeeping a record of the books read each year still seems like a fun idea to me. Apparently I’m not the only one. For as I searched for free book record forms online, I found that keeping a journal of books read is quite common. {sentence with links for free record keeping forms here}
Even though I no longer link up with the other blog, sharing the latest greatest read still sounds fun. What I have in mind isn’t a list of books and authors though. I’m seeing a welcoming place of warmth, there is definitely a fire in the stove today, cups of coffee and/or tea, and the gentle voices of friends reflecting on their favorite reads together. Since I happen to know that several who subscribe to this blog are avid readers, why can’t we share with each other?
Come on, grab your favorite cup of something, pull up closer to the fire and tell us about your latest read. Maybe you’re smack dab in the middle of a book, or are just starting something new. Come on in. All of us will no doubt be listeners one time and sharers another. Have you gotten your cup yet? Need a blanket? I’ll start off the conversation with…
Healing the Heart by Joan Hunter. This is my most spontaneous read. Giggle and I were doing school in the library, and the title of the book caught my eye. I didn’t remember seeing this book before, didn’t even know we had it. During a break, I pulled it off of the shelf and began skimming through. Whoa. This wasn’t a light read; yet it read fast. Victorious is the word that comes to mind first. Victorious. God is good, and He cares for His own. The author shares from the depths of her heart a story of betrayal and the indescribable power of God’s love that healed and restored completely. I don’t think I will ever be the same after reading this book. If this woman can suffer through this and come out completely healed, what am I doing whining about my petty issues? Victorious. We serve a big, big God. Let’s let Him out of our religious box and live totally for Him.
What are you reading right now? Please tell us. Is it a life-changer, a healing word, or a laugh until the tears run down your leg read? It’s ok if we laugh and/or cry. There are tissues around here somewhere. That’s right. Go ahead and leave a comment sharing your favorite book or just the latest one you are reading right now. Tell us all about it. Whatever you want to share, we’ll listen.
I know that leaving comments isn’t everybody’s favorite thing to do. Please don’t feel like you have to. Just know that you are always welcome to, and that it blesses everyone so. Especially meJ It is also the only way for our online book share to work. If you’ve never commented before, here is how: go to the bottom of this post, find the comment button, click on it and type your comment in the box provided. When finished sharing, click the post comment button. A box will come up asking you to type what you see. This is for security purposes. Go ahead and type whatever letters/numbers are in the box and click submit. That’s it! All done. Your comment will then head to my email box where I will publish to the blog from there. The first time is always the most difficult, because it is something new. After that, it’s no sweat. Easy peasy. So…what you reading?

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