A Lovely End

Good Morning! Here, let me help you get that snow off. The wind is coming up now, but it was such a beautiful Christmas card like snow last night and earlier this morning. The weather man is saying it will get a bit wild before day's end. So we'll need to hold on to our memories of last night's beauty. Won't we? Last night the snow fell as if it were auditioning for the perfect winter movie. It performed beautifully by the way. It is a rare thing indeed for snow to arrive all by itself without a ferocious wind as partner. Whenever it visits without the wind I savor every glance out of the window.

Thanksgiving and Christmas have both passed us by. Only a few days remain in the present year before the beginning of a new year arrives. The present followed by a new beginning, such a fine line of preparation to walk. Remaining fully in the here and now while adequately preparing, as best we can, for what is to come is a challenge at times to be sure.

Scripture verses have been going through my mind more than usual lately. It seems as if every situation brings another to mind. A wondrous treasure to revel in, one I ponder with wonder. Would this be possible if these same verses had not been first read and then learned? Could they be brought to remembrance had they never before been seen? Such are the ponderings of my soul.

One thing I know, no matter what the weather outside, or in, the hunger for God's Word is never satiated. The more I read and learn, the more I want to read and learn. The greater the revelations of truth, the deeper I want to study. More and more and still, it is never enough to satisfy this unquenchable desire for more, more of God, more of His Word, just more. The more I know, the more I realize how little I know.

As the remaining days of this year pass, the prayer of my heart is to remain hungry for more of God and His Word. Storms come in, they blow icy drifts, and artic blasts batter everything in their path, but God is always good. His Word is always true. No matter what the storm or firey trial, there is peace and safety, comfort and the warmth of grace in His loving embrace. Would you join me in this prayer my friend? Will you come alongside and together with me strive to fill the hunger of your heart and soul with God and God alone? Will you dedicate yourself to a commitment instead of a revolution?

I know it is time for you to head home now, but you have to get a hug first. Here's your coat. It's nice and toasty warm; it was hanging by the fire. Oooooh, feel how warm your mittens are! And your hat and scarf are just as cozy! Okay, all bundled up? Just let me tuck in this thermos of spiced cider and a little bag of cookies made from my great-grandma's recipe. They are the perfect accompaniment to a snowy blowy day. Well, they and a favorite movie along with a nap about mid-afternoon. Okay, maybe a good book beats out the nap around here. If it snows and blows enough an early bedtime makes up for the lack of a nap.

Oh! And DON'T forget the tea! A closeout sale at a local store added two new little pots to the cupboard here. We can barely wait to use them! Both of them will add a fun new touch to our winter teas. One of them is a sweet little snowman just large enough to hold cocoa or cider for one. The other little gem is a tea-for-one pot and cup combo. The simple beauty of it's Winter Berry pattern perfectly matches the regular-sized pot that sits on the shelf above the stove all winter. A pot for the family and another for just one. We're ready for all.

Good-bye dear friend! See you in the new year! Until then, praying more of Him for us all!
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House

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