`When "Christian Culture" and True Christianity Say Different Things

Lots of interesting yet sad discussions taking place online these days. A well-known family of professing Christians had a real life sorrow made public: the online world is buzzing with judgements from many different viewpoints. But what, or should I say Who, should be the One listened to? Notice the capital letters on the words Who and One? That was intended to be an obvious, blatant hint, by the way. Only One viewpoint knows truth. Only One knows the beginning from the end. Only One will ultimately pass judgement. Only God, and He is full of mercy, grace, and forgiveness for all who come to Him.

Healing, forgiveness, grace, these are what is needed for both the abuser and the abused. Arguments, discussions, supportive comments, hateful judgements, none of these contain the power to mend, heal, and forgive. No amount of words will make this evil go away. A choice was made: an action was taken. Now is not the time for the who, what, when, and why. Now is the time for loving prayers, support, and justice to be given. Jesus in us provides all of the grace, love, and mercy needed so that we can extend Him to all we come in contact with, both online and in real life. This is not the time for hate, judgement, and viscious verbal attacks. There is enough hate being slung across the internet and media. It's time for some real, honest to goodness Christ to be spread lavishly about.

Another blog, To Love, Honour, and Vacuum, featured two articles relating to the current sex scandal. Both articles are insightful while fully stirring up the thought pot. Please avail yourself of a loving difference of popular opinion and consider another train of thinking at:  http://tolovehonorandvacuum.us7.list-manage.com/track/click?u=7dab5e96bfaeb6aaa1503b481&id=4e34ab5665&e=cde0320519

 I can't begin to tell you how glad I am to have also read yesterday's post: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/ToLoveHonorAndVacuum/~3/dKOs2yMX6VI/

I truly mean it, please read these articles. A different take on the entire issue was so refreshing, and participating in the discussion in the comments, even as a viewer only, drew me up to a higher level of not only thinking but listening as well. Sometimes all I need to break free from Christian culture thinking into Christ-like thoughts and words is to observe someone else who has already done so. So refreshing! Even though I know these articles have infuriated some believers, I am glad, glad, GLAD they were written!!! Thank you for allowing me to say it again: I am glad, glad GLAD these articles have been written!!!!!!!!!!! Oh how we need them and more like them! We need to be made to get off of the merry-go-round of mainstream Christianity and think, think, think!!! about what being a Christian means. We do. We really, really do.

Do we sound like God, Who is love? Do we sound like the One He sent to save us, Jesus? Do we act like Him? Do we live like Him? Do we reach out and extend grace and mercy like Him? Do we stand up for what is right and love the haters like Him? Are we on a mission and great quest to "above all love"? (I Corinthians 14:1 amp) What does His love look like? These questions and more have been on my heart lately. I have enjoyed "chewing" on some of what the Bible says concerning these things. God has been showing me His opinion and perspective on a few things, and I have enjoyed getting to know Him better each day.

No matter what those around say and do, please keep us true to You, dear Jesus
May we always and only be true to You
May the words we speak, the actions we take reflect You
Whoever we are with, may they hear and see You
Let You, Who are Love, be all that comes from me
Let it not be my thoughts I speak
Let it not be my ways I share
Just Yours, all and only Yours

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