Living Life Out Loud

I have this boy. He's seven-years-old now. This boy he loves to party. No one can take a PB&J sandwich, cut it into tiny shapes, arrange it on a plate, and serve it with such unbridled enthusiasm as this man of mine. Let me tell you, friend, you haven't eaten until you've been served extra large chocolate chips arranged in a dark ring of lusciousness around a sparkling votive candle on a mismatched saucer. Granted, he enjoys consuming his own creations as much as he thrills in serving them to others, but that's okay. It's okay to be seven-years-old and love living life to the fullest. I can't help thinking that it is what God intended all of us to do - live life out loud, full, and free in Jesus.

Here's to living life full, free, and out loud for Jesus!

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