A New Fit

Sometimes when a new year is just starting to edge its way in, when the new is attempting to shove itself into yesterday's rhythms, when nothing is the same yet it isn't quite different either sometimes a person can feel like they are sliding straight into the land of the overwhelmed. Sometimes. It is during these seasons of sometimes that a mama might find herself crawling up on the lap of her Abba Father and just sitting there snuggled close in His arms; she might also stay snuggled in for a very long while.

Perhaps some would say the mama who does this is "hiding out" in a desperate attempt to escape the sordid realities of "real" life such as bickering children, tired and cranky whiners, accidentally wet unders, among other things. They would be correct. But I have to wonder what better place to hide than the arms of the Loving Heavenly Father? Who else knows what is really going on? Who else knows what is in the heart of a moody pre-teen? Who else knows how to encourage a young boy and his older brothers that God's way is the best way? And Who but God Himself knows what "real" life is anyway? I know of no better place for hiding than the arms of God.  (See Psalm 91)

Sometimes just when the land of the overwhelmed looms largest God speaks through an email in an inbox. When that happens, the word must be shared. Such a word entered my inbox today. It came through this link: http://links.zondervancorporation.mkt4728.com/ctt?kn=21&ms=NTMxODczNDMS1&r=MjIyODIwMzc1MDA4S0&b=0&j=MTA4MjI4MjY1NwS2&mt=1&rt=0. If you too want to be blessed and encouraged you can click on the link and read about radical repentance and grace. It makes me wonder what alabaster jar I have to empty out at His feet. Maybe I am the alabaster jar made to be poured out in extravagant adoration and worship. Maybe you are too.

From the arms of Abba and the feet of Jesus,
Abundantly Blessed

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