I Have Noticed

Over the course of the years, a number of people have shared concerns and struggles with me. As I have listened to their hearts' pain, something sad has come to my attention. It seems as if very few people really want healing or redemption or restoration. Not all, but the majority, want the supposed problem to go away. Even Christ followers who love the Lord want whomever they are in conflict with to be straightened out and put in their proper place, which of course is NOT the place of grace, at least not from their perspective.

That whole other brother issue we find in the prodigal son situation is, unfortunately, alive and well in mankind. Few of us care about God's desire. We are so thoroughly absorbed in our own desires and dreams that seldom does it cross our minds to consider what our Abba Father God wants.

I see examples of this lack of love often as a mother, usually the examples are found in my life. This lack of love has caused me great concern and sadness. I am listening to His voice and trying to learn His heart. What I want most is for His desires to become real. Isn't this what love does?

There is something else I have been seeing among brothers and sisters in Christ that puts me in prayer. There is something that happens regularly when Christians begin to get frustrated by less than ideal situations and start talking about them with others. Whatever people talk about in judgement they become. If they gripe about others being judgemental, they themselves are judging those who judge. If the complaints are about people addicted to offense, they themselves have taken offense at the offended. No matter what the problem being talked about is, the people griping become what bothers them.

I can't help but wonder if this is why God tells us in the scriptures to do everything without grumbling and complaining that we may be pure and blameless children of God. Everything He instructs us in is for our good. It is not so God can boss us little humans around. Just as the instructions I give my children are for their good instead of my personal convenience so too God's instructions are to us His children. When are we going to realize this and grow up in Him and walk in His grace? When am I going to see that it is not about me? When will I live all for Him? Why is it so easy to expect mercy and grace from others yet so difficult to extend it back to them in return? I find myself asking God if I am ever going to grow up. He assures me He has this. He can get me where He wants me to be. Which brings things full circle to the topic of rest.

Rest in the Lord. This is one of the things that has our attention
here at Abundance House. Sabbath and rest. Maybe you would like to share what God reveals to you in a comment. A Sabbath Society website shares articles with encouraging thoughts for those learning to live to a rhythm of rest and Sabbath.

Learning and leaning,
Abundantly Blessed

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