Right Where We Left Off

Continuing yesterday’s thoughts…

Lies abound concerning God, who He is, His treatment of mankind, how to get to Him, on the list goes. No matter how many religious opinions and theories there are, the truth is still the truth. There is only ONE way to get to the Father and that is through His Son Jesus Christ. The Bible is unquestionably clear on this point. Perhaps there are other matters of doctrine and belief that are up for discussion, but this issue is NOT debatable. God is QUITE clear. Jesus Himself said that no man comes to the Father except through Him. Salvation is through Christ and Christ alone.

In a few weeks, it will be Christmas. Christmas is when believers celebrate the birth of Jesus, God with us, coming to earth. It's when God's loving plan of redemption manifested in the flesh. As with most other topics in Christianity, debates concerning Jesus, His arrival, and every other part of His life abound. Frankly, there isn't enough time or space in this one blog post to go into all of the various points of view. With such limited space and time, we will use the only 100% accurate source, the Bible. The Bible clearly tells everything. It's all in there, spelled out for any and every one to read for themselves. Whether or not a person does so is his/her free choice. I've read it, and I believe it, every word. I made my choice. No one made it for me.

There have been opportunities for me to doubt, to wonder, to question, and I have. I have been angry, hurt, confused, bewildered, and desperate. Never has God failed me. Never has He hurt me. Never has He ever sent anything harmful to me. Never. These things came about through poor or ignorant choices made by myself or others around me. Often they were simply the result of living in a sinful world. Hey, when mud’s flying, even clean people get dirty. God had nothing to do with any of it. Well, nothing except the saving, healing, and delivering me part.

I am forty years old, I have been learning of God for most, if not all, of those 40 years. At approx. nine years of age, I made a public confession of faith in Jesus Christ. I made my choice. In the 31 years that have followed this decision to become a follower of Jesus, I have learned many, many things about God, about who He is and who He is not. I have chosen to do and say many, many things that I regret. Choosing to believe in and follow Christ is NOT one of those things. NEVER have I EVER regretted this decision. It is the singularly BEST choice I have EVER made. It has not been the easiest decision, but it is decidedly the best. My prayer this Christmas season is that each and every person who reads this article has read the Bible, studied it, and made their choice.

Not only have I read the Word of God, the Bible. I have also experienced unexplainable, supernatural healing, provision, and deliverance from God. Among our family pictures are snapshots of cupboards, cabinets, and freezers filled to overflowing with food. At the time, our bank account was lower than low. No money with full cupboards? How does that happen? God impressing other people to bless us. That’s how. A mother of 15 children bringing groceries to a small family of four children. That doesn’t make worldly sense; it was God’s doing. Sales , super, great, amazing, crazy ridiculous prices on exactly the items needed for Christmas gifts, God arranged that too. No one else could have known. We hadn’t told ANYONE. Only God knew what we needed; only He could have provided so perfectly. Clothing, the absolute, most perfect Christmas tree, fruit, broccoli, a sofa, larger dining table, beds, specific desires as well as needs found their way into our lives. Time after time, year after year, every need has been met - completely.

“Only God” could be our family’s theme song. The unexplainable goes far beyond material provisions. It is with thankful awe I can testify that not one of our six children has ever had a broken bone, the number of actual trips to the doctor is well under 20 - not including prenatal or well-baby care, and that ailments considered common in young children, such as ear infection, have only been experienced by one of our six children. Yes, the common cold and stomach upsets do visit our home occasionally, but not regularly. When we take quality vitamin/mineral supplements, it is very rare for us to be sick at all. I give God the praise and thanks for bringing the truth concerning vitamins and minerals into our home as well. This information on alternative medical and preventative care has brought many blessings of health to us.

The blessings are too numerous to count. It isn’t anything that we have earned. It is the mercy and grace of a loving, Heavenly Father. It’s according to His mercy He saved us. All of these testimonies are part of the salvation covenant Jesus bought and paid for. Jesus’ death on the cross is about SO much more than avoiding hell and going to heaven. God provided for our every need, every single one. This year, right now, during Christmas would be the perfect time to find a Bible, grab some paper, a pen, and start reading to find out who God is - for real. The truth is right there in the Bible waiting to be found. It isn’t hiding. All we have to do is read and learn for ourselves. God the Holy Spirit teaches all who come to learn. After over 31 years of reading this book, I still learn something new every time. Every time I read, I learn another part of God and who He is, every time. The more I learn, the more I realize how much more I have yet to discover. Getting to know Him, Emmanuel, God with me, is a lifelong pursuit which I have chosen to commit to. Not because of what He has done, but because of who He is.

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