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While behaving myself and "taking it easy" the past several days I've been reading through a recently received homeschooling magazine. While reading through the magazine I came across some encouraging thoughts. Perhaps they will encourage you as well.
  1. The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Psalm 111:10
  2. Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom. Proverbs 4:7
  3. Focus on what is eternal and the temporal will come into line.
  4. There isn't any academic skill that can't be learned later. There are, however, many character traits that are best learned while young. This is NOT an excuse to ignore or neglect academic pursuits. It is for the sake of establishing priorities.
  5. Know from the first that noone else's homeschool will look exactly like yours. Neither will yours look exactly like anyone else's - at least it shouldn't as your family is uniquely your own.
  6. Education is a process. It's a marathon not a sprint. Know this from the first.
  7. All children are unique individuals and will learn in a uniquely individual way. Homeschooling allows each child to do this as few other methods of education can.
  8. The home can be clean, but it will take a lot of intentional planning and effort. Decide for certain how dirty you can be happy, how clean the house truly needs to be, and relax that standard significantly. This step is for those managers with perfectionistic ideals. If having a spotless home is truly necessary for you and/or your situation, then take a solid, realistic look at your days to decide what other activities can be removed to create time to maintain the home to spotless condition.
  9. One can't do everything.
  10. Something often/usually has to be eliminated in order to add something new.
  11. Every child is a genius at something. Find out what it is and aggressively build on that strength while gently strengthening and building up those areas that might be weaker.
  12. Love is not mamby pamby or wishy washy. It is solidly firm, strong, gentle, and kind, all at the same time. It embraces and enfolds rather than push and shove.
  13. For the mothers: You were your husband's wife before you were the children's mother and you will, God willing, be his wife when they have grown and left the home. Remember this and live accordingly. Your children will be blessed beyond description by living with a mother who loves their father.
  14. For fathers: the same as above except in reverse.
  15. Relax and be willing to learn in a new way. Try new methods and ideas. Keep trying until the most effective way is found.

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