Still Surprising Us & A Couple of Reads to Provoke Us Towards Him

One week ago this very evening, Victorious Man of God surprised us still again! He decided that he should be born in the early hours of the following morning. Early, early Tuesday morning, one week ago, Victorious Man of God joined our family. Almost a week later, everyone is home and well. We went in for a checkup this morning and are now adjusting to each other for the month the doctor recommended we remain at home away from possible germs.

Even though all of us have only been home since Friday evening, God has already blessed me with a number of special memories to treasure. Memories such as Giggle sitting beside the baby seat coloring as the baby soundly slept. Also of Mighty Man of God so sweetly loving on his baby brother and looking down at him that first night so boldly proclaiming "Hey Bro!" Memories that make a mother's heart hum with contented blessings have been abounding this past week as older children have taken over the running of things and managed not only a household but two little siblings as My Beloved, Not of This World, and myself were with the baby in the hospital. Not of This World drove me to the larger hospital Victorious Man of God and My Beloved were at. What a blessing these children are every single day.

I know I have said it before. Be warned. I'll most likely say it again. I am one blessed mama. To God be the glory, great things He has done! Where is God? Right in the middle of the crazy and the hard. Right where He is needed most, there He is. Let's join the radical and give Him thanks. How Women Can Get Radical for Their Sisters is a must read for those who understand and live in the fire of Grace. Grace greater than our sin. Grace that abounds through Him. Grace for which we give thanks. Grace. All is Grace. Here is another read to spur us on closer to Him Letters To The Wounded.

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