A Rainy Day Chat

Wow! I didn't realize it has been almost a month since showing up for a visit. How did three weeks go by so very, very fast?

Anyway...it's raining!!! Praise the Lord!!! He is good!!! His love endures forever!!! Yes! I am giving a shout out of praise to God for His goodness and mercy!!! Giggles and Mighty Man of God just came in from taking a quick run around the porch in the rain. It's too cold for more than that. Just a few days ago, on Mother's Day, it was in the 90s. Such a blessed variety we have in weather here at Abundance House. It is such a peaceful sense of joy raining down this morning that I think we'll just sit down and have us a real chat, one filled with blessed randomness. How does that sound?

While the rain patters down and the babe sleeps, I'm putting on the kettle for tea. If only I could express what a refreshing sense of relief washes through with the coming of the rain. The moisture is needed ever so badly. I know God provides all of my needs. While enduring a season of intense natural drought that knowledge becomes a lifeline, a rope to grab onto and cling to with everything I've got. It seems as if all of nature surrounding me is breathing deep of that same sense of relief. Please know how sincere I am when I say that it is almost as if I can hear the grass and ground soaking in this liquid sent straight from the Heavenly Father. His creation is rejoicing together in thanksgiving and love.

God's provision, it comes in so many ways and it covers every area. This divine giving of my needs is about so much more than physical things like food, clothing, and finances. Though it covers those too. My Heavenly Father, Love, provides for my complete wholeness of body, mind, will, emotions, and spirit. He provides for me mentally, intellectually, literally every way. Yet another testimony of His unending, unfathomable love for me, His child. Grace, undeserved favor, is being revealed more and more and more. 2013 is truly a year of great grace.

Jar of dandelions given by Mighty Man of God and Giggles
It's Mama Love
On another note, if anyone is looking to save more on groceries, try Amazon.com. I do prefer to keep our family's money local, and our family is willing to pay a bit more to do so. However, somestimes a homemaker must do what they have to do. Unfortunately, that may mean obtaining one's groceries at a less expensive, non-local source. If anyone needs to cut back further and don't already utilize Amazon, it might be worth looking into. It is also a good source for specialty items the local grocer may not be able to carry.

Also, those who use sidewalk chalk at their houses will understand. Those who don't? Thank you in advance for bearing with me. We are so excited about the new, darker, more vibrant colors of sidewalk chalk available! They are on our "we want to get this" list for the summer. Of course we also want to figure out how to make our very own floating trampoline for the lake. Yes, we saw it on Duck Dynasty. No, it is not a Redneck thing, no matter what my oldest son says. LOL!

Back to topic, summer fun. What ideas for homemade fun do you have? Anything big in the works? We are already throwing around possible ideas for a couple of birthdays coming up in August. A really fun thing to make is rocks. Little trinkets, or coins, are hidden inside realistic looking rocks made from a simple concoction. The receiver then breaks the rocks open to discover the "treasure" inside. So much fun. The recipe can be found online through Pinterest and other sources.
Please share your fun-filled ideas in a comment or email sent to amothersrewards@gmail.com.

Well, there is lots and lots to talk about, but it's time for me to go. There are a couple of kiddos who need some rainy day play ideas - before they shouts of Marco and Polo become unbearable. Until next time, remember that God Loves You, and He provides for our complete wholeness. Love, Blessed Mama

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