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Young Evergreens

It's a hot afternoon for sure. Something cold to drink? Iced tea? Water? Iced coffee? What have you been up to on this warm tail end day of summer? I took advantage of a few moments alone to finish up one book and start another.

Love Does by Bob Goff is one of my newest favorite reads. ever. Or so I thought until I began Captivating by John & Stasi Eldredge. Mr. Goff shares how to "discover a secretly incredible life in an ordinary world" while the Eldredges reveal the art of "unveiling the mystery of a woman's soul". Both books find me longing to gather a group of friends together with the express purpose of reading through these books together and digging into each one deeper than possible all by myself. Both reads have immense blessings in store for not only female readers but the males who pick them up too. As a matter of fact, I am contemplating purchasing extra copies of Captivating to give as gifts to a number of brave Wild at Heart(another book by John Eldredgemen I know.

After beginning Captivating, I now find myself wanting to read everything the Eldredge's have written. It's a hazard readers face with great regularity. With our weekdays filled with the words from The Storybook of Science by Jean Henri Fabre', A Child's Geography: Explore His Earth by Ann Voskamp, Phonics Pathways, Grammarland by Nesbitt and Waddy, In the Beginning by Wile, and other school time tales to learn from seldom does the opportunity for personal reading present itself. I am learning all over again that the lifelong discipline of quiet time in the Bible requires a conscious determined decision on my part. The opportunity for Bible reading and study won't show up on its own; the time must be made.

I think perhaps that a shady hide away such as the structure almost hidden by the trees in the picture above would be a lovely spot to soak in the truth of God's Word. Children could play among the trees while mama soaks in more of The Lover of Her Soul, God Himself. Ahhh, now that would indeed be a lovely way to spend summer's final days. Wouldn't it?

Once more supper time is approaching with an almost ferocious rapidity. Where do the moments of each day fly to? They surely must have wings so quickly they depart. Even meals know of autumn's approach. Appetites for the simple ease of grilled meats and fresh vegetables are beginning to desire the warmth and comfort of meals best eaten during seasons of cooler temperatures. So deliciously do baked potatoes liberally laced with butter satisfy when cooler breezes blow hot winds away. Fresh salad greens are replaced by hot, steamed green beans.
Is your garden still delivering the season's bounty? Mine still has much to give yet knows its time is limited. This extra warm day today is a blessing to the tomatoes tucked snuggly behind the protection of the trees. Carrots, beats, and onions will soon be settled in under a thick layer of hay. With such a warm blanket on the cold winds of autumn and winter won't bother their sections of the garden.

Time for heading home from our bench has come once more dear friend. Thank you for coming today. If you have an opportunity to read either of the newest reads you will want to open yourself to God's loving message each one contains. Hugs before heading out! Love you bunch and pray over and for you often.

In Christ's Love,
Ever Abundantly Blessed

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