Autumn Glory

Hi! You caught me sitting here at the bench sighing with contentment. Afternoon is preparing to slip into something more comfortable while evening shadows anticipate sliding into their favorite places before night covers everything with its sparkling blanket of stars. And me? I'm sitting here savoring every precious moment, from inside the house. The wind is ferocious out there!

This afternoon has been one of rarest beauty. A beefy potpie awaits in the freezer for a future supper while a pan of cherry pie bars sits cooling on the counter. The bars will provide a bit of sweet to round out our supper of roast beef sandwiches and cheesy green beans. Pretzel buns are raising on the stove. The shiny brown buns will make a nice bed for the roast beef in our sandwiches.

Last night before going to bed a crockpot was filled with onions, carrots, potatoes, minute steak, cream of mushroom soup, and a variety of spices. A roaster turned way down low began to slowly cook tonight's roast beef to tender perfecton. Another bed of carrots and onions was made for the roast, just for a bit of extra flavor. All awoke to the delicious aroma of simple food being cooked with love.

The forenoon found the littles and I eagerly transporting their books into several new homes about the TV room. After reading through book after favorite book until mama's voice was almost gone, we trooped downstairs to a ready and waiting lunch that was not only filling but yummy as well. Amazingly, one of the rarest of rare treats followed lunch, there was enough smothered steak, potatoes, and carrots leftover to fill a potpie!

And now. Now, late afternoon finds this mama heaving a contented sigh while a smile plays about my lips. There is something so indescribably satisfying about completing a day successfully. Ahhhh, it is almost as good as a bubble bath. Almost. Too often, due to my lack of planning and preparation we fly through the day by the seat of our pants seldom, if ever, truly accomplishing a fraction of what ought to be done. School, housework, or meals are the choices, one or the other but rarely ever all three. Days like today when everything falls into place so pleasantly are a treasure to hold near and dear. For truly, these days are a gift straight from Heaven.

Young children may not realize they were being introduced to and expanding their knowledge of fractions when they were "helping" me make pretzel dough and cherry pie bars. Nor did they imagine that their vocabulary was intentionally being expanded as we conversed amid clouds of flour. And I am almost certain that not for one second did they guess that handwriting was their teacher's "plan" when she sent them out to play with sidewalk chalk this afternoon. Counting building toy pieces when picking them up may not be a traditional method of teaching counting, but it certainly works well. Besides those little bits of plastic fun had to be picked up after the tub got spilt. Big brother also learned that perhaps it would have been better for him to have taken those tubs upstairs last night after he picked them up rather than leave them to be dumped by little brother again today. Picking up little bits of plastic really isn't that much fun.

Even little cowboys must learn to read and count if they want to go to "work" with Papa. For Papa surely cannot have cowboys working for him who don't know their letters and numbers:) His workers must learn their lessons. And may I just say a quick, yet heartfelt, thank you to God right now for cowboy style ABC books? Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. And that big sister mode that kicks in sometimes? The mode that so diligently informs all present how much more it knows that the little brothers? Yes, for even that I am thankful. It is that often unpleasant desire to be bigger and smarter that inspires and motivates even the most reluctant learners sometimes, and mama teachers sometimes need all the help they can get motivating learning children. Especially if one of those learning children might possibly be an eight-year-old daughter determined to plot her own course of study.

Yes, a day filled with all of home's cozy warmth, rich learning, and almost completed laundry is a rare and beautiful treasure to fully savour. My dear Oklahoma friend says "No Wimpy Prayers! No Wimpy Praise!" Another woman I heard said words like this "Your prayers should scare you!" Well, that is what I have done dear sisters in Christ. I have prayed out of the depths of my heart that which seemed impossible to change, and God? God heard my cry and answered! He truly, truly answered! Today is His answer! Today is proof that God cares for His children, and He answers their prayers. I asked God to show me how to order my days, to give me a love of teaching, to help me enjoy the life He has given me, to make it productive rather than chaotic, and He did! He has!

The shadows are lengthening. Afternoon is slipping out while evening slides gently in. The wind? It's still blowing ferociously. Thankful we could meet inside today dearest friend. Ummmm, you give the best hugs! Thank you for meeting me here! Maybe we can talk about meal planning one of these days. I won't bore you with how-tos, will just share how much it has helped me out. I'll try and remember to bring along the recipe for the Beefy Pot Pie too, just in case you want to make one at your house. It's the perfect time of year for it. Carrots, onions, potatoes are all about ready to be harvested right now. You should see how beautiful my carrots are! Maybe next time, right? Have a wonderful evening!

Love in Jesus,
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House blog

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