Thankful Appreciation For You Here At The Bench

VinesHi! Aren't these grapes just beautiful sitting here beside our gathering place? What a beautiful reminder of the richness of Fall's coming harvest! Is it looking like Fall at your house too? It is at mine. Here, let me grab a hug before you sit down. Ummmm, I just love our visits. So what do you think of the new pictures popping up in posts here and there? Do you like them? It is so much fun finding them and popping them in our times together. 

Before we visit any more I have to stop and say Thank You, dear friend, for your patience with the re-run posts that have been coming your way during the past several weeks. Sometimes it's good to revisit conversations, not all of the time, but once in a while, it's good. So thank you for stopping by even though the conversations weren't fresh and new. I so appreciate that about you, how you keep on coming to gather together with me so faithfully day in and day out. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thank you also for all of the lovely comments you have been leaving below. You have been leaving comments, haven't you? If you haven't I'm certain you will. Won't you? Please? I so want to listen and hear from you. It's why we are gathering together, to be there for and listen to each other. Our bench has become A Gathering Place of Refuge in a world busy with shallow acquaintances and careless quips thrown about, a safe place filled with genuineness. 

I know it's time to be heading down the lane towards home. Time for entering the house and getting ourselves all tucked in with our family is upon us. As we enter the cool of the evening here at Abundance House please allow me to say it once more, Thank You. You are loved. You are appreciated. And most of all, You are hugged and prayed for. 

In Christ's Love,
Abundantly Blessed

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