Another Laugh

It's the first Friday of the 2015-16 school year! The weather is too hot for me to cook pizza for my crew so we'll have to settle for a joke instead.

Here it is:

Question: What do you call a cow that has recently had a baby?
Answer: Decalfinated!!!

Are you boo-ing us yet? Hey, we're cattle ranchers. What can we say? We have some more good news from Abundance House. The broody hen Rosie has hatched out eight chicks! Yay for Rosie! All eight are fluffy balls of black and/or yellow fuzz. New countrytime adventures are in store for us chicken keepers. As we roll into this first weekend of the school year may you be blessed beyond measure as you witness the loving provision and care of God in your life. He is God. He is good. AND His mercies endure forever.

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