Refreshing Rain

Fussy children, sharp words, and tired minds all tangle together in a big ole heap of hot. Then, all of a sudden, in one moment of wakefulness during the early morning hours, it can be heard. The sound of rain trumpeting through the harsh edges soothing the frayed nerves with every delicious ping! ping! ping! Drip after blessed drip chases away the dust revealing forgotten beauty. Hour after blissful hour the rain continues to fall. Random flashes of lightning and distant rumblings of thunder blend with the falling drops of water to create a sleep-inducing symphony of peacefulness. It seems as if the entire world sighs in relief as the rain continues to fall through the night and early morning.

In the morning the news still contains just as many negative stories. Around the world people are still dying and hating, but the rain reminds us that people are also still being born and loving. The morning shower helps wash away the dust of weariness and refreshes the perspective of those who choose to listen and receive it's gift of refreshment. May the rain of the blessed Holy Spirit fall in showers of refreshing across the fields of your life today.

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