In 2015 I Have Noticed...

Note: Linking up with Emily P. Freeman and other bloggers to share what we've learned in 2015. Wheee! I haven't linked up much before so this is practically a first! Another rarity is the following list was written as if I had been jotting thoughts down in a journal instead of a composing a perfectly planned post all gussied up for company. If this were an afternoon tea time, instead of an elaborate affair for guests, it would be a single cup of hot cocoa with an afghan, cozy socks, messy bun, fisherman's sweater and leggings curled up beside a roaring fire. There! the stage has been set. And now onto the post...

The final days of a year are used by many as a time of both preparation for the year to come as well as a period of reflection on the year that has passed. Busy days usually seem to fly by with little to no time available for preparing or reflecting. Surviving motherhood is frequently a matter of putting one foot in front of the other and doing the next best thing. Wanting to establish healthier living practices, however, this year I am taking a few minutes to jot down a few of the lessons Life has provided me throughout the past 12 months.

In 2015 I have noticed...

  •  Every time I experience something an opportunity to learn from that experience is present; what I do with this opportunity is up to me.
  • Whatever I do not intentionally train my children they learn from me by default. For example, if I do not intentionally teach my children basic courtesies, they will do/say whatever I do, or do not, do/say. Yikes!
  • My children will also learn from other people in their lives. Rarely can I do anything about the things learned from others, except pray for God's ways to be my childrens' greatest desire and be an example of faithful devotion to God myself. 
  • A foundation of God's Word as the absolute authority is essential for me and my children.
  • Children must work out/through their own personal relationship with God. The only thing I can provide for them is an example to follow. Dear God, please help me do this in the way that pleases You most.
  • Any and every truth taught from a foundation of fear will bear ungodly fruit.
  • What is taught from a foundation of love will bring forth a rich harvest of fullness.
  • However, what is taught by fear from out of a foundation of love will still bring forth a good harvest. This is God's mercy and grace in action. 
  • The harvest produced from a foundation of love through the use of fear, though good, will not be as rich as the one taught by faith out of a foundation of love. 
  • Fear contaminates faith.
  • Love does conquer all. Teaching and training by fear out of love will bring forth a good harvest, but even though the harvest will be good, it will be also be contaminated because of the use of fear. 
  • Fear is not a fit tool for teaching righteousness, or anything else.
  • If the learning of a thing requires the use of fear, it should not be taught until love is used instead of fear. 
  • Teaching/training from love by love is best.
  • The kingdom of darkness uses fear. 
  • The Kingdom of God uses love.
  • Fear is not of God. 
  • With God all things are possible, even the removal of fear by God's perfect love.
  •  God is faithful. 
  • Mercy always triumphs over judgement.
  • Man's ways are not God's ways.
  • God's ways are higher. They often do not make sense to men.
  • I like God's ways best. 
  • The longer I know Him, the better His ways are to me.
  • The longer I know God, the less I like man's ways.
  • God has always been present in man's ways, yet man seems to have always been trying to get away from God's. 
  • If any confusion is present, God has been removed in some way.
  • If truth is lacking, God is also lacking because He is the way, the truth, the life. He is truth. He is not a man that he should lie. 
  • Satan is the father of lies. 
  • God hates lying, and all liars will be thrown into the lake of fire. Scripture says this. There will be no exceptions. 
  • Partial truth is a complete lie.
  • Lying does not please God. 
  • I want to please God.
  • Therefore, if I recognize I have lied, even unknowingly, I will stop and repent. I love God more than I love my own way.
  • My desire to please God is greater than the desire to please myself. 
  • I would rather be hated by men and loved by God than loved by men and hated by God.
  • God is most important of all to me. 
  • Lying makes me sad because I know it displeases God and because those who lie will suffer greatly if they do not repent and confess their sin. 
  • Mankind needs God. I have always known this, but this year I have come to know it on a deeper level somehow. Not sure I can explain so won't try any further.
  • Little else is as delightful as the fully abandoned laughter of a child.
  • Maturity is greater and more powerful than knowledge.
  • Knowledge without maturity can be dangerous. 
  • To the immature, maturity appears boring and no fun.
  • It is not truly fun to be immature and foolish.
  • Immaturity and foolishness are traveling companions.
  • Boring is healthier than temporal pleasures and entertainment.
  • A vertical focus on God produces a longer lasting harvest than a horizontal focus on what can be seen and touched.
  •  Relying on my own understanding is dumb at best.
As we travel the few remaining days of 2015, may God Himself be with you more intimately than He ever has before. Prayers and blessings for each one of you in the name of Yeshua.

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