Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas!!!
Christmas 2015
Jewish year 5776

The days before Christmas are dwindling. Only one week until Christmas Day remains. What will I do with this week? For that matter, what will I do with today? None of us know how many weeks, days, hours, moments have been allotted us. None of us knows whether this day, this moment, might be our final one on earth. With this thought in mind, what will I do with each and every moment of each and every day? 

 Reports of terror, slayings, traumatic occurances all want to gather round and strangle the joy out of everyone's celebration of Christ. The question that is begging to be asked is "What will I do about all of this evil?" Will I allow the joy robbing emotions produced by the presence of wickedness to squeeze out the beauty of Christ this Christmas, or will I allow the joy of the Lord to cut through the lurking fear and unrest that loom? Will I allow Him, the Light of the World, to penetrate the darkness and celebrate Him more fully than ever before - in the middle of the terror and torment? What am I going to do?

As the days of the one remaining week until Christmas go by may I lovingly bless you in the name of Jesus, the One whose birth we remember in celebration? Dear readers, friends, it is with a heart full of Jehovah's love I speak blessings of love, peace, grace, and joy over you. In the name of Jesus I give great thanks for each one of you, for your faithfulness to me, and the encouraging support of your presence here at Abundance House. May you, and those you love, be filled to overflowing with the overwhelming goodness and love of God, not only at Christmas but all the year through. May you also experience and come to know personally for yourself everything God has planned and desires 5776, this jubilee year of abundace to be. If you haven't met Jesus, the One we celebrate with love, may you encounter Him and meet Him yourself. In the name of Jesus. Amen - may it be so.

Merry Christmas dear friends,
Abundantly Blessed

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