A Huge Cup of Comforting Calm

Hey. So it's this crazy wild windy day, and around here we're feeling a bit more windblown than usual. Everyone in the house is thinking that everyone else is insanely loud and definitely getting on their last wind-frayed nerve. Cats want in, baby chicks want out, and Mama is thinking that maybe, just maybe, even though she hasn't ever drunk a single drop of alcohol in her entire life, she understands why they sell those gigantic wine glasses and call them mommy sippy cups. Because, after all, every mama has her a day like today. Don't they?

Doesn't every mama have a day when the winds of life blow up a hurricane-force gale, the land is dry, the air is cold, and the children are loud? And if it just happens to be the second, or third, such day, I can understand why a mama would feel in need of a larger than normal cup of comforting calm. It's one of those days when if I were a town mama with my own little group of playdate mama peeps, I would arrive at our favorite mama hideout location all out of breath dramatically proclaiming "Do you have any idea what it's like having......." Feel free to fill in the blank with something like two twenty-somethings, two teenagers, besides a nine, seven, and three year old, four cats, who knows how many cows, two hens, a rooster, and seven baby chicks? OR "Do you have any idea what a mama is supposed to do when all four daughters and herself end up acting like the hormone flood of Noah type proportions has been loosed upon us all? How do we survive each other? How do we not destroy the four boys/men that share this house with us?"

Now, lest any one reading this think I have become overwhelmed, all is well; everyone is alive and fine. It's just a super windy day, and the wind is REALLY proving a challenge to the nerves. It sets a person on edge in a way I simply cannot explain. On edge in a way that, when I read the following articles in my email's inbox, made me laugh, not hysterically. Perhaps you too will find God's abundant provision slightly amusing when you read the topic of both emails: anger. If ever a mama, an entire family, needed these words of wisdom and Godly encouragement, it's us at Abundance House today. This wind seems to make angry words surface quickly. Please know this isn't anything major; it's just the wind, and the wind will pass. Come nightfall, the lake out front will resemble a surface of glass. Until the calm of evening, however, this mama is hanging out with the following wise words and sipping from her own cup of God's love and comforting calm.



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