A Little of This and a Little of That

Good Morning! Can you believe it? I'm posting in the morning instead of late afternoon or on the weekend! We have done enough of our school for the day to merit a quick break. I thought I would spend my break chatting with you. My Beloved and I will be celebrating 25 years of marriage this week so I decided to have an anniversary week instead of merely one day. Don't you think 25 years deserves an entire week of celebration instead of just one teeny tiny day? Me too!

To kick our anniversary week off Giggles and I are going to practice fractions while making a skillet chocolate chip cookie. Uhmmmm, the picture looks so good that I can almost taste it. Definitely making coffee to go with this one. Round about Wednesday we will have some garlic infused cheater ricotta cheese spread on crusty bread sprinkled with sea salt and parsley flakes. I think this will pair well with whatever soup we have for supper that night. Whenever we think we need to try another something new, we'll try a recipe for Russian Cream.

That's all I have lined up food wise for our week long celebration. There is also a certain Victorious Man of God's birthday coming up on Friday; he will be three years old! Of course there will be a special meal of his choosing that day. I think he has settled on chicken noodles, buttery broccoli, and chocolate cake. Approximately two weeks after VMOG's birthday Horsegirl will turn 17. There has been a meal of pork chops, company potatoes, roasted cauliflower, peas, and pina colada cake chosen by the birthday girl-to-be. How those green peas will pop off the plate when surrounded by the creamy colors of the other foods. I think it will be a lovely meal perfect for this in between not truly winter yet not quite spring time of year.

One Week and Six Days Later...

It's been a busy time here at Abundance House. The skillet cookie and Russian cream were delicious. The cheater ricotta cheese hasn't yet happened, but is still on the schedule, as is crockpot yogurt. AND...Horsegirl's birthday is in a few days instead of in a few weeks. We're looking forward to her chosen birthday meal.

Tossing in a few quick tidbits I have learned or been reminded of recently before today's good-bye:

  • When draining homemade yogurt to make thicker greek style yogurt or cream cheese, save the liquid. This is whey and can be used in a number of ways. Two of the many uses for the reserved whey are: in smoothies or as a replacement for water in bread recipes. In smoothies and protein shakes, liquid whey doesn't add that funky taste whey powder frequently does. The whey can be stored in the refrigerator until ready for use. More detailed uses for whey can be found from other sources, online being one such source. 
  • Don't underestimate the importance of small healthy changes. One tiny change for the better is improvement. Just because a step toward healthier isn't gigantic, doesn't mean it isn't good. Even a little bit healthier is better than not healthy at all. Actually, taking one step at a time towards a healthier life is usually more beneficial than going all out. Going cold turkey and changing everything unhealthy all at once sometimes causes too much stress on the body producing unpleasant results. Changing one thing at a time allows the body to gradually adjust in a gentler way.  
  • When limited on time and/or finances for learning new skills, choose one of the most basic, even if it doesn't seem fun or exciting. Basic skills can be used in a multitude of ways making them a saver of both time and money. Learning how to make and use a simple sauce in cooking is one example. Learning how to create an attractive homemade greeting card is another. Both of these examples are simple skills requiring little financial investment; yet both skills can also be altered in numerous ways to serve a large number of purposes. No matter what one's area of interest, this holds true; basics can almost always be adapted to serve a large number of varied purposes making them the ultimate in both multitasking and timesaving. Sometimes less can accomplish more.

A Hug & Love because of Jesus,
Abundantly Blessed

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