All I Really Want is a Fire

 Aren't those seedling tomatoes sweet? They are not this year's tomato babies, but they're still green and darling, and I wanted to share something fresh, green, and springlike with each of you. 

This year I'm not starting tomatoes from seed. I'm buying plants from the nursery. This year I gave up on my frugal self-sufficiency and decided to enjoy my garden rather than allow it to become a dutiful yuck. 

Actually, the thought of keeping Victorious Man of God out of the seed starting flats was more than I could bear. Can you even imagine how enticing trays of tiny green growing plants would be to a three-year-old man in the making? Wouldn't a plastic toy army guy have loads of fun climbing little baby tomato trees and sitting in them? Can't you just see the foam balls being flung from out of a tomato seedling forest on a seven-year-old brother across the room? A mama can only do so much. Therefore, I am buying plants this year.

These clouds aren't today's clouds either. Today's clouds aren't summer clouds. Today's clouds are dull, gray, and cold. Today's clouds slide by in a flat sheet of tannish gray dust causing man and beast to skuttle indoors as soon as possible. 

Today is the perfect day for a fire in the woodstove, but we can't have a fire because it's too dry outside. Instead of lighting paper and wood in the stove when a chill invades, we light the burner under the tea kettle and sip cup after cup of hot liquid. Cup after cup of hot warmth courses through our bodies while the entire time all we really want is a fire in the woodstove, a fire whose crackling flames will cheerfully overcome the wind's tormenting howl.

"When all we really want is a fire..."

As I type these words the realization of them begins to sink deep within my being. All I really want is a fire, the fire of God in my heart burning up all of the tormenting howls of my flesh and God's love blazing out of me for others to warm themselves by. When the clouds of life are dull, gray, and cold I want to be a blaze of cheerful comfort overcoming the hideous howl. I don't want to be cowered under a blanket huddling with my hands around a small cup of lukewarm something or other. I want my arms thrown wide open spilling forth Jesus like a blazing torch shining the way to new life in Him. I not only want a fire, I want to be a fire. I want to be "11 never lagging behind in diligence; aglow in the Spirit, enthusiastically serving the Lord;" Romans 12:11 AMP

That's what I want to be, aglow in God Holy Spirit burning bright for all the world to see and know God is God, and there is none like Him. In the natural, there may be clouds covering the sun, but in Jesus the light of God's love shines out with overcoming warmth in total, complete victory over every darkness. 

Only a few more days remain of Lent 2016, only a few more days to contemplate the road to the cross. What will I make of the remaining days of Lent 2016? What will I devote my time and energy to? What/Who will I focus on and concentrate? May it always and ever be Jesus. 

Walking the road of Love,
Abundantly Blessed

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