Meeting With Everything

Good Morning. How are you? Are you keeping cool? I went outside and watered plants earlier, before breakfast, in an attempt to avoid this afternoon's predicted hot temps. Following breakfast the youngest four and I gathered around the table to partake of the Bread of Life, the Word of God. After we had read through the verses, the children left the table. As I continued to read in the Word of God a number of verses caught my attention.

I was reading in the book of Jeremiah, chapters 21-24.  While reading I began to see the answer to some wonderings I had been having of late. Quickly I realized how vitally living justly, defending the poor, and valuing righteousness over monetary wealth is to God. I have heard it said my entire life, that God is about relationship not a rigid set of rules, but this morning, those verses in Jeremiah opened my eyes to this truth very clearly.

It isn't ever to be about me and what I can get out of a situation. It is always and only to be about God and others. Period. Justice, mercy, kindness, generosity, right  living and being, giving of self to serve others, these are the things that please God. Yes, God is a good God; wealth and riches are found in Him, but physical wealth and riches are not the prize. They are not the reward. Life with and in Him is the treasure we find when living as He desires.

There has been fighting and strife among Christian brothers and sisters in my area of Christendom for far longer than my heart likes. I have been praying and seeking God as to His heart in this matter. What pleases Him? What does He want me to think, feel, do? The answer He has been giving me? Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness...Seek first. Not later or last but first. As I have sought Him and His kingdom, revelations of who He is and what He desires have begun shining out from the pages of His word like beacons cutting through the darkness.

To do justly, love mercy, walk humbly with my God. Give thanks in all things for this is the will of Christ Jesus concerning me. If I lack wisdom ask God and He will give it to me generously, without finding fault or scolding. Above all...love. Love is peaceable, kind, not self-seeking, not rude or unmannerly. All of those memory verses from Sunday school, children's church, and other Christian programs have become living bread to eat, chew, ponder, consume, and grow in. Time and again I will wonder a question in my mind, and a scripture that answers the question will cross my path containing the answer. Amazing Grace.

It is a fact many horrific situations and events are taking place throughout the world right now, but God. God has not changed. He has not weakened. His arm has not waxed short. He is the same overcoming, delivering, healing, restoring, protecting, providing God He has always been and always will be. He fed a prophet bread and meat. He fed the children of Israel manna, gave them water, and provided meat for them. He took a little bit of fish and bread and fed thousands with entire baskets left over. He caused a borrowed ax head to float so it could be returned to its owner. He caused money to be in the mouth of a fish so his disciple could pay taxes. He used an earthquake to break the chains off his ministers so the jailer could hear the gospel's good news. He made fire on an water-logged altar. He allowed the oil to fill all of the pots. He divinely delivered His people again and again and again and is still doing so today.

The same yesterday, today, and forever is God. He is all powerful, all knowing, and all present. He is not bound by the limits of time, space, or flesh. He created all living things. He orders the universe. He is in all, through all, and is all. Every answer we need He has already given. Every provision we require He has already planned for. Every thing. He. Is. Everything. If anything in my life is not entirely and completely about Him then my life isn't wholly about Him.

He is, and yet He wants me. He longs to sit down and commune with me heart to heart, someday, face to face. All He wants is for me to love Him with everything. The delightful, overwhelming promises that fill His Word are for me, just because He wants to lavish me with Himself. Can you feel it? Can you sense the overwhelming, extravagant love of God? Is it surging throughout your entire being? Does it hum a love song as it flows? Listen closely. I think you'll hear it if you do. You'll hear the sound of heaven, the melody of Love running over and all around you. Your heart is beating in time to the Father's song of love, the song He has written just for you, for you and Him together.

Can you hear it? Rest in it. Still your mind and listen with you heart until you are able to hear with the ear of your spirit. This is where He waits for you, in the secret place where it's only the Lord and you.  No death, disease, famine, or destruction can enter into the secret place. You are sheltered under His wings. Listen to His heart. Learn of Him. Follow His leading. Obey His voice. All other voices, except His, fade away in the secret place. Confusion is absent, grumblings cease, grouchiness goes in the presence of the Lord. Linger with Him; allow Him to saturate you with His love. He will meet you there. Will you meet with Him?

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