Perfect Provision

"Parents aren’t supposed to be the loud police voice in your head — but the gentle pastor at your side."
- Ann Voskamp,  A Holy Experience

Ever have words that threatened to suck the wind right out of you? Words that seemed to point out "You Failed!" more loudly than if they have been screamed out to the universe instead of quietly typed on a screen? There were words that did this to me this morning. Words that have me on my face sucking rug before God seeking Him and only Him. For who besides He can fix what a mama has broken?

Would you like to join me on the rug this morning? Would you like to lay yourself and your own ways before the One who can fix, repair, and restore any and every thing broken, lost, or stolen? If you would like to read the wise words from a mama to her daughter at A Holy Experience, clicking on the A Holy Experience words above will take you there.

Another email shared the following words. These words overcame any tendency towards condemnation.

"God's voice is not the voice of the accuser of the brethren or the pointing of the finer or malicious, slanderous talk, evil speaking, judgmental, nor critical." - from a word on the Elijah List website

Isn't it just like the Lord to provide the perfect anecdote? God brings words in to our lives to convict and draw us closer to Him and His ways of living and being. Praising the Lord for His perfect provision this day!

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