They Are Messy

Everyone who has been in relationship knows it to be true. It isn't a secret. Relationships are messy. And family relationships can be the messiest of all.

Thankfully, God, in His loving kindness and grace, has provided examples of relationships for us to follow in the Bible. In scripture we see Jesus knows exactly how messy family can be. His family didn't always understand his calling, and his friends denied they even knew him. One of them betrayed him for the price of a slave! Yes, our lord understands messy.

In spite of the mess, one of those same brothers who didn't "get it" when Jesus lived on earth ended up writing a book in the Bible. Messy doesn't have to remain a mess. God can turn our messes into messages of life, hope, and goodness. Times of testing can be transformed into glorious testimonies of loving forgiveness.

No matter where you or I am in our relationships, Abba God has everything under control. He is bringing all of us into His likeness. Together, in our messes, we are being transformed into a rich, rare, and beautiful treasure.

In the middle of messy,
Abundantly Blessed

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