Seeds for Free

Notice the double post yesterday? Me too. Sorry about that. Accidentally forgot and clicked publish instead of schedule:) Today I have a quick and easy idea for obtaining free seeds for the garden next year, grow them! That's right. I currently have carrot tops sprouting in water. The tops are supposed to root, grow, flower, and produce seed. Will let everyone know whether or not we ended up with any carrot seeds for next year's garden in a few months.

We do have some seeds from our watermelon and are already excited about growing them next year as they were so sweet and delicious this year. "Much better than those in the store!" said Giggle age six. Mighty Man of God age four completely agreed. We know our seeds will grow beautiful watermelon next year because our watermelon were heirloom varieties grown from seeds purchased an heirloom seed source. We also have seeds from hot and bell peppers to save. Besides producing fruit/veggies that contain more flavor, seeds from heirloom varieties can be saved from select fruit/vegetables each year making the purchase of new seeds only necessary if the grower wants to try a different variety. Personally, my favorite part of using heirloom seeds is that trying new "old" varieties is just so much fun. The fact that the fruit they produce is often more nutritional, tasty, attractive, and the seeds come in sweet little packets with vintage art just adds to the experience. Free seeds, gotta love it!

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