Multitudes on Mondays, Still Counting

Mondays find us counting our gifts. Will you join us? Please do. Let's continue the thankfulness, allow it to take root, and watch it grow.
Counting Gifts Still...
  1. carrots and potatoes fresh from the garden
  2. beautiful carrot plants in pots each side of the door
  3. empty pots that tell the harvest has begun
  4. tearing out old to make way for the new, the better
  5. creeping thyme finding a new home
  6. iris planted anew, hoping this is their last move
  7. green leaves tinged with yellow gently ushering in the Fall
  8. pepper plants covered from frost, filled with a hot harvest yet to come
  9. daughters young, strong, and helpful
  10. the satisfaction working brings
  11. a contented hum inside the heart
  12. colors of fall on the counter, a pile of squash, and one lone watermelon
  13. stories about animals and Autumn for two young children and I to share
  14. Thornton Burgess' Book of Animals to learn classification with ease
  15. first grade humor and jokes that really aren't funny but make me laugh still
  16. little brothers with sparkling eyes and big brothers that teach him more than his big sisters really want him to know
  17. Those things, those ones that draw me to my knees at the foot of Jesus, may I remain there
  18. Love divine, so unmeasured that tore the veil apart
  19. Learning still of Immanuel, God with me
  20. How no matter how old I get, no matter how long I have been loving Him, He leads and teaches Me still
  21. Blessed Assurance, Jesus is mine
  22. Worshiping in spirit and in truth, together, as a family
  23. Sweet oneness of serving and learning with other brothers and sisters in Christ, and the overwhelming richness that those brothers and sisters are also my children
  24. Rosh HaShana last week, Yom Kippur coming this week, and celebrating Jesus full and free
  25. wreaths made with leaves yet to be made and the fun we'll have when we do

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