Yom Kippur

Leviticus 23 tells us the feasts that God has established for Himself. They aren't Jewish or Christian feasts. They are God's feasts. Our family is learning about these special days, these appointed seasons of the Lord. What a fascinating, thrilling, exciting time this is for our family as we learn together of these special times God has set and how Jesus has fulfilled many of these times. Tuesday evening and Wednesday, Yom Kippur or The Day of Atonement, find us celebrating the atoning work Jesus has done for us. He was the perfect and complete atonement for our sins. During this time we will be focusing on this. I can't help but encourage all believers in Yeshua, Jesus, to consider learning more of these feasts God has appointed. They add a richness that cannot accurately be described with words, only experienced. Many Christian ministries have information and teachings on these appointed seasons of the Lord. Our family has been blessed to listen to several different ministries share on television concerning this topic. We are so thankful these men and women of God offer these teachings. Otherwise, we would never have known. One of several ministries that provide free information on their website is that of Larry and Tiz Huch. Please know that this is but one of many sources available. This is merely a possible source to begin your study with.

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