Oh How He Loves Us

More Gifts to Count
...godly media to instruct
...friends in Jesus
...a beloved another year older, another year sweeter
...children growing strong in the Lord
...wonder at stars in the night sky
...even the heavens tell His story
...that even nature knows and follows His will
...eyes that see, even with glasses
...creativity coming out in unexpected places in unexpected ways
...sinking in an ocean of grace
...messages of love sent in millions of ways
...crisp mornings
...warm sunshine in afternoon
...birthdays and celebrations of life
...maturity sneaking in, in spite of me
...strong young men of God serving Him and their country
...a friend's new engagement
...love's many promises continuing still
...mother's quick healing following surgery
...faith of family
...relationship with God and how a lifetime of memories with Him can be so sweet
...that looking back recalls sweet memories most
...how God takes the trauma of then and turns it into the preparation for now
...striped overalls, red bandana, cowboy boots, and a plastic holster on a strutting little rancher man
...prayers from little lips, the faith of a child
...the love of God sinking me in an ocean of grace
"Oh how He loves us" the presence of God swept over me in wave after glorious wave. May I never cease to be amazed by His amazing grace. The link to this song has been included. All that is needed is a click on the following link. (Letters in blue) Let's listen to this again and again, then maybe again.

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