Homemade Root Beer & Other Sodas

A previous post on homemade soda pop exists here on Abundance. While I personally enjoyed our homemade ginger ale made from a ginger syrup and soda water, noone else at Abundance House did. However, after Colonel Redeemed received a kit for making homemade root beer for Christmas, I began looking for other recipes for him to try. The results? Another post with links to instructions and recipes sure to add some fun and fizz to the new year. Even if Colonel Redeemed isn’t interested in trying any of the recipes and/or techniques, I just might have to do some experimenting myself. What an easy, inexpensive treat to make ourselves! So much fun! Wouldn't red fruit soda be festive for Valentine's Day? A bit of green food coloring added for St. Patrick's? Yes, yes, yes. This has lots of potential for fun. I wonder about adding soda/seltzer water to flavored tea. I'll let you go ahead and visit the links below. The instructions and recipes are excellent, each with their own personality shining through. Enjoy!



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