Surprise Blessings

A New Year is coming soon. So is a surprise blessing here at Abundance. A sweet little bundle of blessing in the the form of a baby boy is due to arrive March 18. At least that is the official due date. I'm certain he will determine for himself when he comes. Yes, he is a surprise blessing. Believe it or not, I did not know I was pregnant until Thanksgiving weekend. How does a mother of six not know she is pregnant for the first six months of her pregnancy? Well...uhm...were you aware that early menopause and early pregnancy share many of the same symptoms? Just in case you didn't know, they do. That's the only comment I have on this subject:)

Needless to say, 2013 is looking a lot different to me than it did a few weeks ago. I have been forcing myself to concentrate on Christmas and not dig out baby boxes from storage until after the holidays are over. All of that relentless purging we did this summer has me wondering too. Did I get too carried away? Who knew how thankful I would be for the fact that the large pile of giveaway items sitting in my bedroom didn't go when they were intended to. Because they were left behind, I can now dig out little boy items we can put to use in a few years. See? I have proof that God does indeed work out every single little nitty gritty detail for the good of His children, even give away piles that sit on the floor too long.

I can also share that God prepares us for His plan, even when we are unaware of what His plan is. For months now there has been a quickening in my spirit every time I saw a mother holding an infant. I hadn't experienced such a quickening for years. There have also been "random" thoughts enter my mind concerning how much comfort a baby would bring as older children prepare to enter an unknown future of their own, etc. etc. Unbeknownst to me, God was gently, softly preparing my heart to receive a new reward straight from His heart to mine. Another blessing I never knew I needed, or thanks to God's thorough preparation, did my heart know what my mind didn't?

Anyway, it is almost a new year filled with the promise of multiplied blessings, and the boxes are coming out today! As I top my list of counting gifts for the new year with the coming arrival of a baby boy, will you join me in creating your own list of thankful gratitude? What gift will you list at the top? It would be a blessing to all if you would share it in a comment below. Thank you ahead of time for joining in our conversation of thankful gratitude. You are one of the greatest gifts He gives me. In His love and grace, Blessed Mama

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