Leftovers Fun, Who Knew?

Final repost for this month. Thank you for walking down memory lane with me as we've been remembering where we were at Abundance last year. Remembering has allowed me to live more fully and intentionally with my family, as well as garden, this summer. In an attempt to avoid boredom, posts that had not been previously viewed were chosen. For subscribers though, it was still a rerun. Thank you for your grace, love, and support.
Always in Him the Lover of My Soul,
Blessed Mama

Money saving is nice, not being wasteful is too, but yummy tasting is even better. Repurposing need not be limited to the nonedible parts of our lives. The humble leftover can get in on the fun too. At lunch, carrots from the pots outside my front door, so beautiful, joined potatoes from the garden, leftover corn, a few tomatoes, not many onion slices, along with rice and beef gravy left from a weekend supper to create an almost perfect harvest stew.

What's in your fridge? Anything that might combine into a delicious stew, soup, casserole, or hash? Maybe there are a few ingredients that could be placed with cheese inside two tortillas for original quesadilla flavors. Leftovers need not return the second time in the same form they were enjoyed the first go round. Oftentimes gravy can be mixed with vegetables and served over pasta or rice for a hearty, filling meal. Considering flavor combinations the family enjoys and combining leftovers accordingly can be fun, filling, economical, and best of all, delicious.

Here are a few leftover repurposing ideas:
  • mashed potatoes - shape into patty and cook on hot griddle or pan; turn when brown on first side and continue cooking until second side is lightly browned; salt and pepper to taste; shredded cheese, bacon, ham, and seasonings of choice can be mixed in with potatoes - mashed potatoes can also be combined with sour cream, placed into baking dish, and topped with shredded cheddar cheese, baked at 350 degrees until heated through for a twice-baked potato flavored casserole, so easy and tasty
  • baked potatoes - sliced and fried, if not enough for the entire family, can be combined with chopped up meat, cheese, and scrambled eggs for a hearty breakfast
  • bread that is past fresh - cubed and used in meatloaf, meatballs, etc. - cubed and made into homemade croutons - used in bread pudding
  • pasta - used as a filler in soups - tossed in melted butter and garlic for a delicious garlic pasta - tossed with other fresh veggies and favorite vineagrette for pasta salad
  • rice - same as ideas listed above for pasta - combined with milk/cream, sugar, raisins and heated through for hot breakfast cereal - used in rice pudding
There are many more leftover delights waiting to be discovered. Let's go check our refrigerators and have some fun!

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