Loud & Amazing

Crawling for only two weeks and already Victorious Man of God is attempting to stand up on his own. Oh my! This boy is a go-er. He travels throughout the entire house lickety split investigating anything that catches his interested eyes. At seven months of age, almost everything catches his interest. Every nook and cranny, the smallest to the largest bit of anything must be investigated, thoroughly scrutinized, and slobbered on if possible. All bedroom doors now remain closed during waking hours, bedroom doors too.

If you were to visit our home, one of the first sites to catch your eye would be the dining room chairs laying on their sides throughout the house. When not in use at meals, the chairs become protective fences and gates. They are protecting our crawling explorer from dangers yet unknown to him. Right now Victorious MOG is dragging around a large wooden cooking spoon Mighty Man of God gave him to bang on metal buckets with. They have a regular bucket brigade drum set assembled on the floor. The "music" they were making together was the sort that only a loving God and mother can tolerate, and the loving mother can only endure their joyous symphony a few minutes at a time.

Thankfully, now that older brother has gone to play with big sister the music has been replaced with baby chatter. However, even tiny chatter is loud from this child. Yes, this youngest one is loud. Happy, sad, angry, whatever the emotion, it is expressed at the fullest of full volume. A redheaded man child, my Victorious Man of God does not hold back. He frequently screams his emotions out free for the listening pleasure of the entire universe.

A family of nine, our home is seldom without noise. Add in VMOG's loud voice, and it's enough to send the thoughts of even the most concentrated individual running. I am certain the thoughts that fly from my mind are fleeing for their lives, really they are. There are moments I wonder if we all ought to join them. That was an attempt at humor, just in case it was mistaken for seriousness.

Even though the noise level has increased, significantly, I am delighted by this little one. He is like no other. This little boy and his siblings reveal the amazing miracle life is. Seven children, all of them unique individuals created to live life full and free. Each child individually crafted by the One who created the universe to live as only he or she possesses the talents, personality, and giftings to live. Isn't that a wondrous miracle?

Know what else is a wondrous miracle? That every single person living is one of those wondrous miracles created by God to live a life like none other, you and I too. Yet even as we are individually crafted and granted life individually, we are designed to fit and function together. In the Bible God uses the human body as an example for this all separate yet functioning as one design. I'll say it again, it is amazing.

God is amazing. The longer I know Him, the more amazing I realize He is. If I were to begin sharing every thing about Him that amazes me, I'd be blogging for eternity. Each day there is something more to amaze me. Never changing yet always new. All powerful yet gently leading His children. Sends rain yet wipes my tears. So amazing. Sent His Son as a sacrifice for mankind's redemption yet trusted one woman to raise Him. Calls the stars by name yet knows mine. On and on I could go.

Amazing. The words of an old hymn say it best.
"That God should love a sinner such as I
 should yearn to change my sorrow into bliss
nor rest til He had planned to bring me nigh
how wonderful is love like this

Such love, such wondrous love
Such love, such wondrous love
That God should love a sinner such as I
How wonderful is love like this"

Another song flows on:
"Amazing grace will always be my song of praise
For it was grace that bought my liberty"

Another flowing still:
"Amazing Grace how sweet the sound
Amazing love now pouring down
From hands and feet that were nailed to the tree
His Grace flows down and covers me
IT covers me
It covers me
It covers me
And covers me"

As the autumn winds blow strong this evening won't you join me please? Join me in this thanksgiving praise to the One, True, Almighty, Amazing God? Don't know Him well enough to know if He is amazing or not? Find a Bible. They are available online for reading free. Start reading. John is a good place to start. Not able to read? Then talk to Him. Tell Him that you don't know Him, but would like to. Tell Him that the world doesn't represent Him very well, but you want to know the truth. Ask Him for the truth. He will tell you. He will show you. You will be amazed.

Just as my baby is exploring every inch of our home, I have spent my life exploring God and His Word. Yes, I have heard the words of others regarding Him, but I have done more than that. I have found Him for myself. I have asked Him for truth. He has revealed it to me. After 30+ years of exploring He is even more amazing to me than when I began. I have regrets, but learning about and getting to know God isn't one of them. Receiving the gift of salvation provided through Jesus isn't a whacked out notion of religion. It is a relationship with God Himself, the One True God, the Great I Am. Oh, the Great I Am. That's another something to visit about. We'll do that another day. For tonight, we're talking to the One who is amazing. We're being amazed.

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