Monday's Mental Meandering

It is Monday! Monday morning to be exact. Only the second day of the week and my mind is already meandering here and there. Mental musings twist and turn at a fairly relaxed pace, but they're still on the move. Being Abundance House there are also live, physical going-ons too. Seven-month-old Victorious Man of God is chasing the broom while 5 year-old Mighty Man of God is attempting to sweep the floor. Anyone else see disastrous potential here? Thankfully both of them are now laughing at each other. Brotherly love and affection is a most welcome contrast to Giggle's desperate attempts at getting out of her part of breakfast cleanup. Real house here.

Due to the loving bit messy that is quite normal, I'm not going to visit very long this morning. Just going to throw out a few thoughts for pondering. Honour. That's the big topic. How important is honour? Also, what does honour look like in everyday life?

The other biggie is on having a servant's heart. For several years I have been wondering at the lack of servant hearts within believers of Jesus. God says in His word that if we want to be great in His kingdom we are to learn to be the servant of all. So, why are there so few servant hearts? Hmmm. How does the servant heart connect to honour? This was finally answered for me at church this weekend when it was shared that without possessing and walking in honour one cannot have a servant's heart. Aha! Honour is a key.

After mulling this over at odd times throughout the past couple of days I am definitely leaning towards conducting a full blown study of honour. Wow. Full blown study looks really impressive in type. In reality it is a far different picture. Real life study around here looks like a concordance, Bible, journal, and pen in a pile on the coffee table, dining table, bar, counter, anywhere handy to use when I can grab a few minutes.

Anywho...honour. It's what we're pondering on this "mental Monday." Whoa. Mental Monday looks a little intense. Doesn't it? OK. Maybe it wasn't the best term. Yet, somehow, with little ones scattered here and there, tired outbursts randomly thrown in accompanied by giggles, laughs, and teasings, maybe it isn't that far off:)

Happy Monday from our house of abundance to yours!
Blessed Mama

P.S. Did you notice that I didn't say what our house had an abundance of this morning? HAHA! It may be Monday, but I am not surrendering or retreating. Of course I may have to do something radical and silly like pretend to be an old grandmother from "the old country" or something.

Confession time. I am confessing to "Granny from the old country" showing up in our home during potentially stressful moments. I am also admitting to having come up with this rather odd distraction technique all by myself approx. 12 years ago when the four oldest children were young and My Beloved worked out of town. (Yes, this is what happens when I am left on my own, without supervision:) Hey, it's better than breaking down in a sobbing heap in the middle of the floor in a sleep deprived torrent of emotion. Don't you agree? Being real isn't always pretty. It is often messy. Somedays it is very very messy. Those are the days we sing or read. We sing and read most every day, by the way.

This is supposed to be a post script. I'm going to go feed the baby. I might be back later. If I am, I just might be escaping the reality of real. Then again, I might be scaling Mt. Washmore aka the laundry. Real is definitely messy. Thankfully, it's a love mess.

Hugs! Sorry about the baby spitup.
Blessed Mama

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