You're Going to Want These, You Will

Hi! It's nippy out! Come on in and grab a cuppa. We're pouring ourselves some too. Happy Thanksgiving two days early! We are SO ready for Thanksgiving around here. I really have enjoyed being thankful more than just one day. Being thankful ahead of time has prepared my heart to fully celebrate and live thanks big on Thursday.

Then on Friday...because we ahve been thankful all along, our heart are so thankful for Jesus that we can barely wait to begin celebrating his coming to us at Christmas! Before you go, take some time to print these sticky notes for the advent season out. They are available at A Holy Experience blog. Here's the link: https://s3.amazonaws.com/a.voskamp/TheGreatestGiftPrintableStickyNotes4x4.pdf. You will be SO glad you did. There are gift tags, gift boxes, and other printables to enjoy there as well.

Thanks for the visit! Here's a hug! Don't forget your stocking cap, it's cold out there! Love & Thanks in Jesus!

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