Jesus Is Enough

Hi There! Come on in! The kids are out and about right now so we can sit down and talk without interruption. It's kind of chilly; would you like a blanket? Here, catch! I just got done checking emails, and there was a great read from A Holy Experience blog. Then again, it's almost always a great read from there. Today's post was from a guest, Jennifer Dukes Lee. After reading what she wrote at A Holy Experience blog, I clicked through to her blog and Wow! I could have read and read and read. This woman took me straight to Jesus. Here's a link for you to check it out yourself: http://jenniferdukeslee.com/tellhisstory-let-there-be-peace-on-facebook/

So what have you been up to this week? Me? Oh I've just been hanging on for the wild wonderful ride called life that's going on in this house. We've got an extra girl this week, and it has been absolutely delightful. Such a sweet girl she is. How honored we are that God has allowed us to minister His love to her for the week. Of all the homes He could have sent her to, He has allowed it to be ours. This sweet girl said good-bye to her mama when her mama left earth eight months ago. Thirteen-year-olds saying good-bye to their mamas is difficult for this mama to think about without crying. Any-year-olds saying good-bye to their mama is difficult to think about, who am I kidding?

Everytime I stop and think that I have one week, only one week, to lavish all the Jesus I can into this girl's life the most wondrous sense of awe floods through me. Being a mama to my own dear children is an unfathomable honor that constantly amazes me. Now God allows me to mama not only my own dear hearts but another sweet girl as well. It makes me spill liquid happy all over the place. It also makes me laugh! This girl, she is funny. Funny, funny, funny. You can definitely tell she is related to My Beloved! The same wit shines forth like a beacon of light slicing through the clouds on an overcast day.

Is she perfect this girl? Um, no. Are you? Is everything marvelous every second of the day? No. Is it at your house? Does the fact that she is imperfect make her need for Jesus less? Quite the opposite. Just as this imperfect mama desperately needs Jesus so does this imperfect young woman. Her heart is hurting, and the Healer of hurting hearts is in me. That's the only perfect thing we've got going on here in this house. There's a bunch of imperfect people who are full of the love of God living here and praying He spills out and covers another imperfect person who is visiting us with His perfect, healing love, with Himself. And let me assure you, Jesus in us is enough. He is enough. He is enough to heal every hurt, bind up every heart ache, wipe away every tear, and guide in the way everlasting. HE . IS . ENOUGH. And that's enough for me.

One week, one day, one minute, a few seconds, no matter how little or long the time we have to love on her, Jesus is enough, and He will faithfully heal and meet every need, both hers and ours. Don't we all have some hurting spots in need of healing? Yes, I think we do; I know we do. Still, the awe at being allowed to love Jesus on this girl overwhelms me even after four, or is it five, days with her here in our home. How hard all of us are praying for healing and grace to flow freely out of us! Being a bit of an introvert, I wasn't exactly sure how to transfer the love I feel inside into an outward action or word. Without any thought, however, the words "Love you, girls!" came rolling off my tongue the very first night at bedtime. They've been there every night since. God has shown me what to say and do every day, all day long. Thanks be to God!

I know the days are busy and full. Not much time for getting together can be found so I won't chatter on and on making you late for other things. Thank you so much for coming and allowing us to share our adventure of love with you!!! You have brought such delight by coming! Please come again soon!

Loving grace,
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House

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