Simple Summer - Hide "N Seek in the Dark

Hey There! How's the summer going so far? It's speeding by with lightning speed here! We've had a mixed up blend of hot and cool summer evenings and nights at our house. With such unpredictable temperatures our evening routine has been a bit random as well. Tonight My Beloved and the four older children are in town helping people move so the three youngest and I might have to have some fun by ourselves. If we're not in bed by the time it gets dark, maybe we'll see if we can find and catch lightning bugs.

On nights when it's not too hot or too chilly Hide-n-Go-Seek after dark may very well be the perfect summer time game. If that gets too predictable or boring, try switching it up with a game of after dark Sardines. Don't remember how to play that one? Sardines is Hide-n-Seek in reverse. Instead of one person counting and finding all other players, the person who is "it" hides while all other players count. After counting all players begin searching for the lone hider. As each player finds the one who hid, they each slip in beside him/her. Last player to find the group becomes the one hiding in the next go round.

Hmmm, maybe a game of sardines or hide-n-seek would be just about perfect later on tonight after we've eaten and cleaned up. Better go get the iced tea made for supper. Our cheesy ham and taters is going to need a summer drink just like iced tea. Who am I kidding? Every summer meal needs a drink like iced tea! Better make extra. Our BBQ chicken will definitely need some to go along with it. See you later!

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