Simple Summer - English Muffin Pizzas

Remember that simple summer meal search I mentioned earlier? The one that brought up stuffed chicken breasts as a result? Yeah, well tonight we're going to go back to a time when simple truly was simple. Remember when ingredients used were the very most basic and skill required was minimal? Can you recall the time when it was about cooking with love? Me too. That's why we're going back in time a bit this summer. We want to remember when simple was really truly so.

One little thing before we talk shop: some of the recipes being featured in our Simple Summer series are more easy than healthy. Healthy is wonderful, but sometimes easy brings health benefits of its own. There is a lot to be said for the stress free ease that throwing a few ingredients together quickly brings. If the majority of the food we consume is healthy then our bodies will easily process the little bit we eat that isn't quite as healthy.

One of the easiest snacks, sides, or light meals out there is English Muffin Pizza. Before you start sweating at the thought of heating up the broiler light the grill and cook them on that instead. Place half of a muffin on the grill, dab on a smidge of sauce, top with cheese and toppings of choice, allow to cook until cheese melts, then enjoy. An adult or older child will need to cook the pizzas for little ones. These ooey gooey rounds of sauce and cheese pair up perfectly with a crisp salad full of veggies from the garden. Mmmmm, I'm already thinking about the glass of iced tea to drink with this meal. Oh yeah, english muffins are definitely going on the grocery list this week, most definitely.

Ingredient List
* english muffins split in half or crust of choice (pita bread or tortillas also work well)
* shredded cheese of choice
* pepperoni and/or toppings of choice
* tomato or pizza sauce

~Ingredients can be as basic or gourmet as the cook desires. They can also be as "healthy" as a person wishes too. Organic cheese, GMO free sauce, even healthier crust options can be used. If healthi-er gourmet items are readily available in your area then your definition of basic may be a bit more uptown than mine. That is great. Do what is easiest and best for your own personal situation.

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