Ordinary is Beautiful

Hi! Is this not one of the most beautiful not quite Fall afternoons you have ever experienced? The sun is shining; a gentle breeze is making the clothes sway on the line; and the two youngest boys and I are having a plain old-fashioned Saturday together. Old-fashioned Saturday? Yes! A Saturday where Mama and the children do laundry, tidy up the house, and enjoy the fullness of ordinary. Seriously. Ordinary days have been getting a bad rap for years. There is much to be said for a life full of ordinary days filled to overflowing with ordinary tasks performed by people living ordinary lives full of God's extraordinary love.

Whether those ordinary activities are hanging laundry on the line or petting half-grown kittens, a day's activities can be extraordinarily beautiful. Perhaps I am one of a select few who feels this way, that the ordinary days are the most lovely. Then again, maybe inside of every individual a longing for the lovely ordinary resides. Entertainment would certainly indicate this to be the case. Consider the sheer number of books and movies based on the age-old story line of big city dweller moves to rural countryside and discovers an unknown love for the rural life they formerly despised. The theme isn't relegated to city vs. country either. It can be found in a number of books and movies where ultra urban exec ends up loving a casual suburban rhythm. Boiled down and stripped of the extras we find ourselves left with a basic complicated vs. simple plot. In every instance I can recall, simple wins. Oh, there are those rare few who truly thrive in the busiest, most stressful of lifestyles, but on the whole, once a person experiences a simpler, more organic way of living, he or she feels set free in a way that cannot be explained with words.

So, here's to an old-fashioned day of the lovely, beautiful ordinary!!! Mighty Man of God, Victorious Man of God, and I have some lunch dishes to wash, laundry to fold, and a yard full of sunshine to roam about, and we're going to love living it together! Later we'll fix supper to greet the rest of the family with when they come home from the hayfield and town. After supper the ordinary loveliness will continue with baths, showers, and the slowdown before bed. If we're not being serenaded by rain drops, yes God, please, then we'll go to bed covered in a canopy of stars shining and singing forth the glory of God. Did you know that the polar stars sing? The Bible says they do, and scientists have found out that God's Word is true.

Have at it friends! Enjoy an ordinary bit of lovely wherever you are knowing that the ordinary day to day isn't boring or dull. It's beautiful, lovely, and extraordinary.

In God's extraordinary love through Jesus,
Abundantly Blessed @ Abundance House

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