Cookbooks as Literature?

Literature Cookbooks! Why did it never cross my mind to see if there are cookbooks to go along with my favorite authors or books? Why oh why did I never consider this possibility?

Regardless of the why, cookbooks based on our favorite literary works and/or authors abound. Thanks to a newsletter sent via email I am now aware of their existence. AND being aware of their existence means there may be some new additions made to various wish and someday lists. Literature cookbooks may need their own Pinterest board in the future. Hmmm, this could get dangerous, cookbooks and literature combined.

Seriously though, is there anyone who has ever read a Hardy Boys mystery novel that didn't want to sample some of that chocolate cake their aunt made? Who, after reading the description of humble oatmeal sitting all night in rich cream which the loving characters in Grace Livingston Hill's timeless novels make for their loved ones, doesn't long for just a small taste to see whether it is really as good as it reads? Is it possible for the scent of chicken frying to waft out of the book pages into the room? I've read books that made me wonder. Can a person still create a ham sandwich that lives up to those set forth in literary works of old?

My mom and I have always said that reading certain books makes us hungry. Apparently we aren't alone. Literature and cookbooks, now that's my cuppa of tea.

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