A Mother

Happy Mother's Day!

Naturally, Mother's Day turns a person's thoughts towards their mother. I am no exception to this. As I thought of what to give my mom this year, I couldn't help but think of various things I remember about my mom growing up. If I were to take those memories and compile them into a list, this is what it would read like. Enjoy the stroll down memory lane with me, and please forgive any grammatical errors; I just wrote it as it came to mind.

Beginning as far back as I can recall, mom was cups of cold coffee sitting on the end table, lessons on bed making, trying to play with a rather non-imaginative me, church meetings with other ladies, pretty dishes, and special occasions with the "fancy" olive green tablecloth trimmed with tiny pompoms, only in the early 1970s. Walks to the end of the drive for mail, hanging clothes on the clothesline, a tornado spent in the storm cellar, and feeding a baby duck in an old metal Miracle Whip lid.

As the years went by, the following memories gathered together, though not necessarily shared in chronological order. Teaching me to hold and feed a baby brother, Charlie perfume, a pretty container containing solid perfume, reading the Pentecostal Evangel every Sunday afternoon while still in church clothes and pantyhose. There seemed something so beautiful about mom barefoot with her pantyhose on. I couldn't wait to be grown so I could do the same on my Sunday afternoons.

Ladies' meetings and Bible studies, preparing for Sunday school and Missionette lessons, sewing my
Christmas and Easter dresses, sewing her own skirts and clothes, new shoes from Cinderella of Boston, anticipation of Christmas, birthday surprises, decorated birthday cakes, a love of new books, pairs of shoes scattered here and there wherever they were removed, extra special coffee cups with daisies on them, hot tea, vicks on the throat with clean old pantyhose tied around the neck during a cold, new coloring books, and runny eggs.

Other memories that say mom to me are the making of Christmas wreaths with her best friend, phone conversations with her best friend on the phone. These conversations usually included laughing and often snorting occurred too. No tattling. No whining. No talking back. Finding ways to keep a bored child occupies. This didn't happen often; it only took once to know you didn't want to be bored. Hamburger gravy on bread and macaroni and tomatoes when dad was working. Fish sticks, goulash, and tuna sandwiches sometimes got to be eaten on TV trays.

Special gatherings for adults, children, and youth through the years. Faithfulness to study God's Word and spend time with Him each day. Love for details, researcher at heart, and a teacher extraordinaire. Shut in the bathroom when a prayer chain call came through and the imparting of such a call's importance to her children. Always participating in church work day and any other activity going on there, even if you have to bring your children along with you. Children can be trained to behave themselves and accompany a mother to almost any activity without causing trouble. Where there is a will, there is a way.

Somewhere along the way I also remember a 3D diet that introduced at least two new recipes I fix for my family to this day. I also learned that meatloaf, baked potatoes, and green beans go together as do fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, and corn. Bierocks taste best when accompanied by home-canned tomatoes and chocolate cake is best eaten with home-canned peaches. Chili must have dill pickles beside it and milk to drink with it. Ham and Beans are delicious with corn bread slathered in butter and honey.

Hospitality is fun and need not be complicated. A summertime meal of grilled hamburgers, salad, and corn on the cob provides the perfect preface for games of Pitch and Pit with friends. Also, a round oak table can seat six as well as it seats four; children won't realize it was crowded until they are grown. Best friends give the best permanent waves, and freshly brewed iced tea is the perfect accessory to an afternoon visit with all friends. A glass of iced tea, Snickers bar, and a good book are all a woman needs for a relaxing time alone. Music is part of everything, and being able to sing harmony is a desirable skill.

Writing time is over, but the memories keep coming. As this Mother's Day rolls on, I pray blessings on my Mother for her faithfulness to God and family, but also on each one of you. May you discover the treasured memories of women who have mothered you through the years.

Love because of Jesus,
Abundantly Blessed

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