Trusting, It's a Process

Hi! You're just in time for tea! The water is hot, the tea is on the counter, and there are chocolate chip cookies, if you want some. 

Recently, one of my daughters and I had a conversation together. As the conversation flowed along it became painfully obvious that all was not well with my daughter and her opinion of God. A mama can tell these things. Very carefully I gently steered the conversation closer to matters of the heart until the moment of confrontation presented itself. "Why are you so resistant and displeased with any mention of God and His goodness?" I asked. A pregnant silence hung like a suffocating blanket in the room. My dear girl knows her mama's heart and didn't really want to come right out and confess to a lifelong God-lover, that she didn't think God was good. Nor did she want to admit that due to Him not answering a prayer the way she thought He had said He would in the Bible, that she now felt God didn't do what He said He would. No, my girl didn't want to go there or do that, but mama...

Mama knows that a wound left to itself will fester and eventually poison from the inside out. So mama kept on pushing with gentle, but firm, pressure that sore spot on her dear girl's hurting heart. After a few more well-placed squeezes, questions, my sweet girl broke forth with the reason she felt God was more lying enemy than trusted refuge. At times like that mamas are thankful for every moment spent listening to God Holy Spirit's voice because at times like that mamas need every bit of wisdom heaven has to give. The rest of the conversation was a final cleaning of my girl's heart wound. 

Misunderstanding and incorrect perceptions can do that, leave a person with a gaping open and wounded heart. My girl continues walking out her own salvation and getting better acquainted with the Lover of her soul every day. Step by beautiful step she is walking the truth road like a true soldier of Jesus Christ. Like her mama, she may not be all the way there yet, but Praise the Lord she is more like Jesus today than she was yesterday, and she knows mama loves always, no matter what.

The following quote is the perfect companion to our conversation. As I pondered over it's words, the thought came to me that perhaps there are others who would be encouraged by them. Many people are walking through perilous struggles and circumstances. Trust-building is definitely something a person can regularly put to use. I am honored to share it with you over tea.

"Trust-building is a process. A journey. For all of us.
We must put more faith in what we do know about God than in what we don’t know about the future."
 - Christine Caine

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