Uncle Wiggily and Other Free Books

Children Reading
Remember way back when I mentioned the free Kindle app available for free download at Amazon? Well, here's a great way to use it! Children's books such as those about Uncle Wiggily Longears can be downloaded for FREE! That's right, there are free versions of many classic children's reads. Now, these can be downloaded without the Kindle app, but we have found them much easier to read using the Kindle app on our family's pc than otherwise.

Drawbacks? Well, the only one I could find is that most of the free versions don't include illustrations. Since we are using them for read alouds, this wasn't a problem for our family. The Five Little Peppers, The Bobbsey Twins, Elsie Dinsmore, Peter Rabbit, Books by Thornton Burgess, and many others are all available for free downloads. Can you think of anything more perfect for summer afternoons than reading these classic children's stories from days gone by? Me either. 

What were your favorite storybooks when you were young? Thank you for answering by leaving a comment below.

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