Make Your Own...Art

Making your own art isn't anything new. There are as many ways to make economical, even free, art as there are people and individual styles. Today's idea is simply a link to a possibility. Don't be shocked, but I found a new website. I know, you can't believe it - haha. Anywho... this is the website of a lovely artist who exudes the love of Jesus in every thing she says. I left feeling refreshed, encouraged, inspired, and ready to fill my home with words that tell of the goodness of God. The artist makes it easy to do just that for she offers free downloads of original art. This art is in the form of printable coloring sheets. Whimsical, sweet designs with edifying words and scriptures are right there free for the printing. I had to restrain myself from printing out too many.

Hebrews 4:12 tells us that the Word of God is alive and active. Deuteronomy 6:9 talks about writing it on the doorposts of our house. Grab those colored pencils, dig out the crayons, find the markers and/or paint, and have fun creating art that draws you closer to the One who loves you most. While you are there, feel free to drool over her books. Go ahead and purchase one. Also consider visiting her Etsy shop. There is a link on the website. I guarantee you will be blessed for having visited. Here are some ideas for possible uses for the free printables:
  • Color, place on patterned or colored paper/or fabric of choice and frame.
  • Color then decoupage to canvas and hang
  • Color and use in scrapbooking
  • Print out onto iron on sheet, Color with fabric paint, markers, etc. , and iron on to tote, apron, towel, shirt, or any item of choice (Remember to reverse image when printing or words will be backwards when attached to item.)
  • Print out all sheets and assemble into coloring book for child
  • Use for Sunday School, Children's gatherings, grandkids, children, babysitting, day camps, anything
  • Spend afternoon coloring with children

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