Thankfully Remembering

Remember when we started writing down gifts we are thankful for? The journey continues. Please feel free to leave your own list in a comment. I'm starting at one, even though we're farther along than that.

  1. muddy feet running hard
  2. laundry on the line
  3. clouds in the sky
  4. the promise of rain
  5. sun tea brewing
  6. beans cooking
  7. a garden ripening
  8. food in the fridge
  9. storage space cleaned
  10. a new season of growth
  11. clothes from older children that fit the younger
  12. memories of when teenagers were small
  13. the energy of the young
  14. understanding love
  15. being chased down by blessings
  16. how God makes all things come together into one message of completeness; He leaves nothing out
  17. children's hearts hungry for God
  18. prayer of agreement between friends
  19. knowing Him and learning of Love
  20. opportunities to live Love full
  21. hurtful words left unspoken
  22. healing words shared
  23. budding excitement over a new year of learning
  24. Insight and truth revealed
  25. Love of parents
  26. Singing of birds in trees. Even when it is dry, still they sing.
  27. Camouflage bedding for a boy with sparkling eyes
  28. Brothers wrestling in joy
  29. Children creating, exploring, and living life full and free
  30. Hearing my youngest singing the words "There is no God like Jehovah"
  31. Children growing in the grace and knowledge of Jesus and sharing it too
  32. Compassion flowing free from hearts filled with the love of God
  33. Hope of music flowing in the home soon
  34. Friends coming to visit this week
  35. Cool nights after months of heat
  36. Refreshing breezes
  37. Hearing of Jesus being glorified in song at county fair
  38. Hair cuts all around
  39. Grace, learning more and more of always Grace
  40. Joy of salvation shining bright
  41. Two children, a backpack, some rope, and a stick
  42. Muddy creek banks
  43. Fishing spots and frog catching
  44. Haying almost done
  45. Walking on a beach listening to six-year-old daughter talking of God's thoughts to us being more than sand on sea (Psalm 139:17,18 and Psalm 40:5)
  46. Oldest daughter feeding intensely on the Word of God
  47. Being 13 and 16 and discovering friendship new
  48. Dishes clean
  49. Hum of washer
  50. Metal pedal tractors "going to work" under the guidance of their 4-year-old driver

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